1992 Chevrolet Starcraft 6.5d AT Specifications & Features, Equipment and Performance

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Chevrolet Starcraft 1992 6.5d AT Specifications & Features, Performance
  Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h:
  Maximum Speed, km/h:
  Power, HP:
180 HP
  Number of doors4
  Number of seats7
  Width2012 mm
  Length6062 mm
  Height2303 mm
  Type of engineDiesel
  Engine size6500 cm3
  Power180 hp
  Max power RPM3400
  Max torque366/1700 nm
  Fuel systemDiesel
  Cylinders placementV-shaped
  Cylinder diameter102,9 mm
  Stroke97 mm
  Compression ratio21,5
  Valves per cylinder2
  Cylinders location formDiesel fuel
  Transmission typeAutomatic
  Number of gears4
  Number of gears for AT4
  Wheel driveAWD
  Max permissible mass4458 kg
  Tire size245/75 R16

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