A VIN decoder service provides detailed information about a vehicle's history, specifications, and ownership based on its unique 17-character identifier. This service is often utilized by individuals looking to purchase a used car, as it can offer insights into potential issues such as previous accidents, odometer rollbacks, recalls, and more. Auto dealerships, insurance companies, and law enforcement agencies also frequently use VIN lookup services for various purposes, ranging from fraud prevention to vehicle identification. The service aggregates data from multiple sources, including governmental databases, to provide a comprehensive report that aids in making informed decisions. Unlock vital information about any vehicle with our easy-to-use VIN decoder. Get a comprehensive report on car history, manufacturer, model, and more. Decode your VIN now!

What is the structure of a VIN?

Position 1 1 Indicates where the vehicle was built (1 means USA)
2-3 FT Designates the vehicle manufacturer (F means Ford Inc)
4-8 GHDLZ Denotes the vehicle's brand, engine size, and type
9 B Represents the Vehicle Security Code
10 G Indicates Year of Production
11 K Specifies which plant assembled the vehicle
12-17 456923 Displays the serial number of the vehicle
The scheme below depicts a reference vehicle ID structure. Please notice that vehicles manufactured before 1981 may have less symbols than today's ISO standard VIN consisting of 17 characters. VIN decoder:

VIN chart - a reference VIN structure

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