Records for 2005 Audi A8

WAUMR44E65N000000 Audi A8 2005

VIN: WAUMR44E65N000000
WMI/VDS/VIS: WAU MR44E6 5N000000
Manufacturer: Audi Germany   Audi Germany
Brand: Audi
Model: A8
Year: 2005
Serial: 00000
Engine: 6.0L Audi
Mileage: Vehicle History Report

Recalls and Complaints

Campaign # Date Component Initiator
06V324000 31/08/06 AIR BAGS FRONTAL MFR

Problems and Issues For VIN Pattern

Issue ID Failed Component Miles
1080864 21/05/14 SERVICE BRAKES, HYDRAULIC 73000
1080865 21/05/14 EQUIPMENT ADAPTIVE 73000
1080866 21/05/14 VEHICLE SPEED CONTROL 73000

WAUMR44E65N000000 Audi A8 2005 Vehicle History Report

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