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Manufacturer: Land Rover TATA UK   Land Rover TATA UK
Brand: Land Rover
Model: Evoque
Year: 2013
Serial: 87964
Mileage: Vehicle History Report

Recalls and Complaints

Campaign # Date Component Initiator
14V395000 02/07/14 AIR BAGS MFR

Build Sheet

NameRange Rover Evoque (GCAT) 2012-
SpeccodesInterior Trim Combinations - Ivory/lunar Perf lthr sts Lunar [TIP]; Paint Colours - Orkney Grey [949]; Rear Seat Configuration - 60/40 split folding rear seat [033EC]; Park Distance Control Sensor Front - Park Distance Control Sensor Front [086EG]; L538 Trim Packs - Dynamic [350GI]; Engine Torque/Power Rating - 150PS / 420NM Engine [152AF]; Bonnet Inserts - Less Bonnet Inserts [080ZA]; Door Waist Rails - Waist Rail finisher - Black [057ZE]; Pollution Sensor - Pollution Sensor [067BN]; Wheel Nuts - Locking wheel nuts [055AC]; 4WD - 4WD [109AA]; Paint Bands - Metallic Paint [024AZ]; Glass - Green tinted glass all round [047AE]; Seats - Headrestraints - Rear Centre Head Restraint [033DB]; Centre Console Inserts - Black Applique [089AF]; Facia Console - PVC facia [088GV]; Air Conditioning - ATC Air Conditioning [022AX]; Centre Console - Material / Finish - Console Lid Leather [088EM]; Console Mounted Switches - Terrain Optimisation Switch [088CP]; Day Time Running Lights - Daytime running lamps [064BU]; Front Seat Adjustment - Electric front seat adj. with Drv memory [033CT]; Transmission - Manual 6 Speed [078BP]; Keyless Start / Entry - Push Button Start [066AA]; Parking Assist - No Parking Assist [086YY]; Seat Packs Combined - Pwr sts Drv mem lum 6X4 [033KC]; Rear Screen - No Rear Seat Entertainment [129XX]; In Car Entertainment / Speakers - HI Line Audio - 600w [025LM]; Front Treadstrips - FT DR Treadstrips - Illuminated [048BD]; Suspension - Rear Spring Load - Rear Spring Load - Class G [027GG]; Gear Knobs - Leather Gearknob A/B [117AG]; Locking Radio Frequency - 433.92 MHZ frequency (normal) [076DF]; Bodystyle Moulding Inserts - Bodyside moulding - No insert [080XA]; Door Casing Material - Pvc/Leather Door Trim Panel [080NB]; Bumpers - Frt Bumper - Sport [080DS]; Exterior Vents - Power Vents Fr Fender -Black [080DQ]; Body Coloured Sills - Sport Sill [080DH]; Hill Descent Control - Hill Descent Control [020AR]; Voice Input System - Voice Input / Recognition System [025EZ]; RR Bumper Sump Guard - RR Bumper Guard - Silver [080ZH]; Rear Seat Trays - No RR seat tray configuration [033XB]; Tyre Pressure Monitor - No Tyre Pressure Monitor [062AB]; Land Rover Model Year Indicators - 2013 Model Year [001BU]; Suspension - Front Spring Load - Front spring load -Class D [027FD]; Steering Column Lock - Steering Rack -Uprated [049AX]; Seat Features - Power Seats Driver 6 Way Adjust [033HC]; Navigation Systems - Navigation centre Euro [025LP]; Drive Hands - LHD [252SF]; Television Receiver - No TV Receiver [129ZZ]; Provision for Luggage Retention - Load Retainer luggage rails [135AH]; Door Locking - Operation - Double Locking [076EI]; Headlamp control - Auto Headlamp on/off [064HI]; Fog Lamp aperture - Fog Lamp with Bezel [064GA]; Finishing Front End - Black Grille [064EG]; Interior Light Package - Ambience Lighting [064EC]; Approach Lamps - Integrated Approach Lamps [064DD]; Frt Bumper Sump guard - Frt Bumper Guard -Silver [080ZF]; Headlamp Cleaners - Headlamp power wash [064BV]; Power Unit Series - 2.2 CR DI 16v DW12 Diesel [200AQ]; Front Foglamps - front fog lamps [064AP]; Cruise Control - Cruise Control [065AB]; Derivative Badges - TD4 [057GB]; Drop in Mats (Front) - Front Floor Carpet Mats [079AJ]; Ext Tailgate Finisher - Tailgate finisher - Black [057ZD]; Product Name Badges - Rear - Evoque Badge Red [057GS]; Navigation System - Navigation System [087AA]; Instrument Packs - KPH only Instrument Pack [038AP]; A/V Power Sockets - A/V Jack + USB [054AE]; Emission Directives - EU5 + DPF Emissions [053BZ]; Foot Pedals - Foot Pedal - Metal Finish [051AJ]; Fuel Economy Packages - Less Base Pack [074NA]; Headlamps - BI - Xenon Headlamps [064CW]; Rear Treadstrips - RR DR Treadstrips - Chrome [048BI]; Centre Console Features - Console - Rear stowage [088AP]; Exterior Features - No Auto High Beam Assist [030NV]; Windscreen Glass - Standard Windscreen [047AO]; Stop/Start Systems - Stop/Start Motor System [040AU]; Equipment Stowage - Standard Tools [056AX]; Steering Column Lock - Steering Column Lock [049AS]; Exterior Features - Sensor Occupant (Row) [030NW]; Roof Conversion - Roof conv - Panoramic Roof [041CX]; Heated Rear Windscreen - Heated Rear Windscreen [040AI]; Facia Contrast Colours - Lunar/Lunar IP Facia [038DJ]; Wood Trim - Sports metal [088GR]; Exhaust Systems - Twin Downpipe - Square tailpipe [037AT]; Style Packs - Body Styling kit - Sport [036KV]; Seat Colour Combination - Ivory/Lunar [034DZ]; Seat Lumbar Adjustment - Lumbar Adjust PWR Driver & Passenger [033CO]; Passenger Seats - Power Seats Passenger 4 Way Adjust [033HD]; Seat Material - Lthr Perferated seats [033JE]; Door Armrest - Leather Door Armrest [033IG]; Technology Packs - Tech Pack Plus- Euro [074KS]; Steering Wheel Heating - Less S/W Heating [032DU]; Front Touch Screen Displays - HLDF Screen [087AL]; Digital Radio Receiver - Analogue Radio Reception [025KO]; Blind Spot Information systems - No Blindspot information system [086ZZ]; Suspension - Rear stabiliser Load - Rear Stabilser Bar Load - Class B [027HB]; Heater Unit Operation - Electric Heater (PTC) [043AP]; Seat Trim Level - Seat Type - Standard [033CM]; Body Types - 5 Door Estate [099AA]; Tyre Inflation System - LESS Instant Mobility System [029FK]; Sunroof Blind - Sunroof Blind [019BA]; Steering Wheel Styles - Sports Steering Wheel [032DW]; Screen Heating - Non Heated Windscreen [040AJ]; Twin Sun Visor - Twin Sunvisors Vanity Mirrors Illuminate [031CE]; Power Train & Drive - Less Adaptive Damping [027CZ]; Wheel & Tyre Configurations - Tyres Goodyear [029CJ]; Perimetric Protection - Perimetric and Volumetric Protection [076EL]; Mirror Parking - Dual Power/Htd/Power Fold/Memory [030NM]; Rain Sensor - Front Rain Sensor - Windscreen Mounted [030CQ]; Body Coloured Mirrors - Ext Mirror Finish - Black [030BV]; Horn Types - Twin Tone Horn [076CW]; Spare Wheel - Underfloor - Spare wheel 18 Steel [029NZ]; Vehicle Communication - Bluetooth -Audio Stream [025MB]; Rear Centre Armrest - Armrest - Rear Centre Folding [033FJ]; Literature Packs - French European Lit Pack [002AK]; Rear Headphone Module - Rear Headphone Module Blank [025EW]; Headlining - Cirrus Headlining [032EW]; Vehicle Information Control System - Traffic Message Channel (TMC) [087AG]; Tailgate - Powered Tailgate [070AV]; Roof Spoiler - Roof Spoiler -Less Lip [060ZZ]; Transmission Type - Manual Gearshift [078BU]; Seat Heating - Unheated seats - driver and passenger's [033EP]; Air Bag Labels - Pictoral -Air bag label -ROW Jap Mexico [096TA]; Terrtorial Labels - ROW Labels [096BH]; Navigation Mapping - Navigation Mapping - Euro [087XC]; Battery Back-Up - BBUS with Tilt Sensor [076EG]; Steel / Alloy Options - "19"" Alloy Style 5 (D)" [029QK]; Fixed Rear Camera - No Camera System [086WW]; Painted Roof - Body Colour Roof [080AC]; Interior Mirrors - Electro Chromic Interior Mirror [031CG]
ExteriorPaintOrkney Grey (949)
AirConditioningAir CondATC
InteriorFabricPerforated leather Taurus
EmissionStage V with DPF
Engine2.2L CR DI 16V Diesel
Transmission6st Manual Box

SALVA2DC1DH787964 Land Rover Evoque 2013 Vehicle History Report

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