Records for 2004 Land Rover Discovery

VIN: SALTY19404A859163
WMI/VDS/VIS: SAL TY1940 4A859163
Manufacturer: Land Rover TATA UK   Land Rover TATA UK
Brand: Land Rover
Model: Discovery
Year: 2004
Serial: 59163
Engine: 4.6L V-Shaped Discovery
Trim: SE
Mileage: Vehicle History Report

Recalls and Complaints

Campaign # Date Component Initiator

Problems and Issues For VIN Pattern

Issue ID Failed Component Miles
690244 07/08/08 AIR BAGS 52000
1640857 02/02/20 SERVICE BRAKES 161200

Build Sheet

NameDiscovery Series II 1998-2004
SpeccodesInterior Trim Colours - Alpaca Leather [TBV]; Battery - 13 Plate Wet Battery [021AM]; Exhaust Emission Controls - LEVS NAS Phase 2 / DMTL [053AY]; Body Style - 5 Door Estate Body [376SF]; Exterior Side Finishers - Rubbing Strip Narrow [057BN]; Number Plate Bracket - Number Plate Bracket [056AF]; Vanity Mirrors - Drv & Pass Illuminated Vanity Mirror [030CP]; VIN prefix position 11 - VIN prefix position 11 - A [146AA]; VIN prefix position 10 - VIN prefix position 10 - 4 [145AJ]; Power Unit Compression - High compression [067AW]; Alternators - Current (Amps) - 130 Amp Alternator [058AC]; Glass Sunroof Finish - Opti-Kool Sunroof Glazing [092AA]; Radio Head Units - Radio U.S. [025DM]; Home Link - Home Link [025EB]; Seat Anchorages - Federal Child Anchorage System [026AE]; VIN prefix positions 1-3 - VIN prefix positions 1-3 - SAL [138AA]; Electrical harness - NAS Harness [030BX]; Voltages / Sockets - 12 Volt Socket [123AD]; 4WD - 4WD [109AA]; Transfer Box Ratio - Ratio 1210 [107AB]; Speedo (Transfer Box) - Non speedo (via ABS) [106AB]; Transfer Box Linkage - Cable Linkage [105AA]; Radio Harness - Hi Line Radio Harness [030CD]; Crash Resistance - Improved Crash Resistance [026AS]; Seat Heating - Heated Seat Pads [033FQ]; Steering Wheel - Leather Steering Wheel [032BE]; Sunroof - electric Sun Roof [019AG]; Air Bag Labels - NAS Air Bag Labels [096AK]; Daytime Running Lights - No Daytime Running Lights [064CF]; Differential Lock - Selectable Differential Lock Mechanism [027CE]; ICE Remote Controls - Remote ICE controls [025CK]; Sensor Control Units - Twin Alarm Control Unit [076CR]; Bumpers - Body Coloured Bumpers [080AE]; Paint Colours - Giverny Green [734]; Market Constraint - Order Restriction NAS [201AI]; Seat Lumbar Adjustment - Lumbar Adjustment-Electric Driver Only [033GK]; Mudflaps - Mudflaps Rear [023AO]; Audible Seat Belt Warning - Audible Seat Belt Warning [026AL]; Exterior Mirrors - Drvr Flat/ Pass Convex Mirrors [031BA]; Rear Step - No Rear Step [048AM]; Interior Mirrors - Autodim Interior Mirror [031BB]; Seat Height Adjust - Electric height adjustment drivers only [033FH]; Security Systems - Alarm Horn Only [076CS]; Rear Headphone Module - Rear Headphone Module Blank [025EW]; Catalyst Sensor - Four Sensors [067AN]; Front Air Bags - Driver and passenger air bag [026AF]; Finishing Front End - Body Coloured Headlamp Surrounds [064DQ]; Headlamp Cleaners - Headlamp power wash [064BV]; Front Foglamps - front fog lamps [064AP]; Centre Hi Mounted Stop Lamp - Centre High Mounted Stop Lamp [064AM]; Loadspace Covering - Loadspace Cover [063AH]; ID Plates - ID Plate NAS [096AC]; Speedo Tolerance - NAS Speedo Tolerance [038BP]; Roof Racks - Tubular Roof Rails [060AS]; In Car Entertainment / Speakers - ICE Premium 11 Speakers + C.D. [025BK]; Cruise Control - Cruise Control [065AB]; Seat Features - Electric Seats [033BF]; Spare Wheel Mounting - Bracket for Alloy Spare Wheel [050AI]; Glazing - Privacy Glass [040AH]; Emission Directives - Plus LEVS [053AW]; Grab handles Rear & Fr Passenger - Front & Rear Grab Handles [042AK]; Decals - Colour - Brunel Decals [057CL]; Door Casing - Alcantara Door Casing [090AF]; Alarm Frequencies - 315MHZ Security System [076BV]; Sunroof Blind - Sunroof Blind [019BA]; Rear Centre Armrest - Armrest - Rear Centre Folding [033FJ]; Locking Radio Frequency - NAS Radio Frequency [076DH]; Facia Switches - Facia Dimmer Illumination [038AX]; Power Unit Series - V8 Petrol Efi [358SF]; Improved Air Con - Increased Air Flow [022AW]; Seat Material - Leather Seats [033AS]; Towing Equipment - Towing Equipment Trailer [028BA]; Derivative Badges - Badge SE [057BW]; Wheel Spats - Wheel Spats Full [031BE]; Transit Wipers - Transit Wipers [077AI]; Land Rover Model Year Indicators - Land Rover 2004 Model Year [001BD]; Electric Door Mirrors - Elec Htd Adj Door Mrrs [031AX]; Wheel & Tyre Configurations - Tyres Goodyear [029CJ]; Anti Lock Brake Types - Anti Lock Braking System [020AA]; Brakes Intervention Traction Aid - E.T.C + H.D.C [020AI]; VIN prefix position 5 - VIN prefix position 5 - Y [140AN]; Differential - 2 Pin Differential [027AS]; Seat Configuration - Seats Five [033BC]; Paint Bands - Micatallic Paint Discovery [024AF]; Front Suspension - Coil Suspension [027AJ]; Child Restraints - Child Anchorage Bracket (Isofix) [026EI]; Instrument Packs - MPH / KPH Instrument Pack [038AN]; Speakers - Rear Side Door Speakers [025KB]; Seat Belt Warning - NAS Seat Belt Warning Label [026BW]; Waxing Instructions - Land Rover - Do not overbody wax [077AB]; Engine Undertrays - Engine Undertray [093AA]; Drive Hands - LHD [252SF]; Fuel Evap Loss Control - Advanced Evap Loss Control [053AG]; Transmission - Automatic transmission [078AK]; Interior Trim Finish - PVC/Leatherette Trim Finish [088AT]; Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning [022AM]; Facia Trim - Wood Effect Facia Trim [088BY]; Power Unit Size - 4600 cc power unit [353SF]; Pricing Option - No Special Pricing [274AA]; Shift Interlock - Shift Interlock [166SF]; NAS VIN (when EEC & NAS prefix required) - SALLTGM944A [148CV]; VIN format type - VIN format - NAS [147AB]; VIN prefix position 9 - VIN prefix position 9 - ? (check digit) [144BC]; VIN prefix position 8 - VIN prefix position 8 - 4 [143AY]; VIN prefix position 7 - VIN Prefix Position 7 - 9 [142AS]; VIN prefix position 6 - VIN prefix position 6 - 1 [141AX]; Centre console stowage - Centre Console - Cup Holders [088CB]; VIN prefix position 4 - VIN prefix position 4 - T [139AG]; Transmission Interlock - Transmission Interlock -Shift [104AC]; Weight Plates - Weight Plate NAS/Canada/Mexico [097AC]; Wheel / Type Style - 255 x 18 Style 6 Alloy Wheels [029IZ]; Rear Suspension Systems - Rear Coil Suspension [027BK]; Knee Bolsters - Knee Bolster [095AA]
InteriorEnvironmentAlpaca - Interior
ExteriorPaintЗеленый Giverny Green
AirConditioningw/Air conditioning
InteriorFabricLeather seats
Engine4.6 Petrol HC V8 EFi

SALTY19404A859163 Land Rover Discovery 2004 Vehicle History Report

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