Records for 2000 Land Rover Freelander

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Manufacturer: Land Rover TATA UK   Land Rover TATA UK
Brand: Land Rover
Model: Freelander
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Build Sheet

NameFreelander 1996-2006
SpeccodesEXPORT PACK - No Export Pack [XXP991]; EXTERIOR ORNAMENTATION - 5door [XXO328]; EXTERIOR DECAL - Diesel Dark Grey [XXD182]; WASHERS & WIPERS - Electric Rear Door Glass LHS [XWW150]; ELECTRICAL ANCILLARIES - 2.0 Diesel TCIE A/C [XEA342]; HEATING & VENTILATION - 2.0 Diesel TCIE A/C LHS [XHV264]; BODY UPPER - 5dr Estate Elec S/R R/rails [XBU103]; TRIM LOWER - 5door (SS) [XTL435]; TRIM FLOOR - 5door Manual LHS (AS) [XTF423]; STEERING - DIESEL TCIE LHS A/C (AS) [XST268]; THROTTLE & FOOT CONTROLS - Diesel Manual LHS [XTC146]; ENGINE FRONT - 2.0 Diesel TCIE A/C [XEF181]; SUNVISORS - LHS [XSV014]; SUSPENSION - Manual Diesel A/C [XSP128]; SUSPENSION REAR - 5door [XSR005]; FACIA - 5door A/C LHS (AS) [XFA466]; PAINT & UNDERSEAL - Blenheim Silver (642) [XPU354]; SEAT BELTS - 5door [XSB168]; RADIO EQUIPMENT - 5door Hiline ICE [XRE149]; BRAKES - 5dr K16 Dsl ABS LHS [XBS338]; BODY KITS - 5dr & 3dr R/RK (642) [XBK263]; MIRRORS - Electric Mirrors Convex [XMS096]; PASSIVE RESTRAINTS - Driver Passenger LHS (AS) [XPR042]; LIGHTS - Headlamp Levelling LHS [XLX252]; INSTRUMENTATION - 2.0 Diesel TCIE KPH [XIN233]; AXLE - Diesel Manual ABS [XAX267]; SPARE WHEEL STOWAGE - Alloy Locking Wheel Nuts [XSW095]; GLASS - 5door [XGL156]; GEAR BOX - 2.0 Diesel Manual [XGB200]; FUEL SYSTEM - 2.0 Diesel TCIE [XFS247]; FACIA OPTIONS - Facia (No Dimmer) [XFO093]; CENTRE CONSOLE - Console Manual ABS (SS) [XCC167]; EXHAUST - 2.0 Diesel TCIE Manual [XEX147]; EQUIPMENT STOWAGE - 5door [XES070]; ENGINE UNIT - 2.0 Diesel TCIE Manual [XEN266]; Land Rover Model Year Indicators - Land Rover 2000 Model Year [0001AU]; ELECTRICAL GENERAL - 3/5dr [XEL583]; Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning [0022AM]; ENGINE ELECTRONICS - 2.0 Diesel Tcie Manual [XEE061]; WHEELS & TYRES - Alloy 215 x 16 Michelin [XWT241]; DOORS - 5dr Hiline (AS) [XDR515]; DOOR & LOCK HARDWARE - 5door LHS [XDL039]; COOLING - Diesel TCIE [XCV118]; CHASSIS - Diesel TCIE Manual [XCH231]; TOWING EQUIPMENT - Recovery Eye K16 Dsl [XTE099]; BODY - 5door Estate Sunroof LHS [XBO162]; BATTERY - Diesel TCIE [XBT079]; TRIM REAR - 5door Loadspace Cover (SS) [XTR053]; BUMPERS - 3 & 5 door [XBP063]; Wheel & Tyre Configurations - Tyres Michelin [0029CK]; BODY LOWER - 3 & 5 DOOR [XBL130]; MUD FLAPS - NO MUDFLAPS [XMF991]; BODY FRONT - Diesel LHS [XBF122]; Trim Level Packs - Hi Line Trim TL2 (XE) Option [0032AV]; ELECTRICAL MAINS - Manual K16 TCIE ABS LHS [XEM206]; Paint Bands (To be advised) - Metallic Paint [0024AZ]; Wheels - Alloy Wheels 215x16 Freedom [0029CN]; Transmission - Manual transmission [0078AL]; Waxing Instructions - Land Rover - Do not overbody wax [0077AB]; In Car Entertainment - ICE Hiline [0025BB]; Instrument Packs - KPH only Instrument Pack [0038AP]; Roof Racks - Roof Rails [0060AD]; SEATS - 5dr 5seats LHS (SS) [XSE440]; ANTI THEFT DEVICES - Sec System Europe 433 MHZ [XAT083]; Security Systems - Security System - Europe 433 [0076BJ]; Literature Packs - French European Lit Pack [0002AK]; TRIM UPPER - 5dr Estate Sunroof [XTU321]; BODY COLOURS - Blenheim Silver metallic [XBC642]; ID PLATES & TOOL KITS - French Export [XID478]; Sold Order - Sold Order [93014]
Engine2.0L I4 8V TCIE
Transmission5-Manual Trans Box
CabStyle5 Door Station Wagon

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