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SALLDHMR7DA428989 Land Rover Defender 2013






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NameDefender 2007-
SpeccodesRear Suspension Systems - Standard Suspension [027CP]; Seat Trim Level - Seat Type - Standard [033CM]; VIN prefix position 6 - VIN prefix position 6 - H [141AH]; Power Unit Series - Puma Diesel 2.2L [426SF]; Locking Radio Frequency - 433.92 MHZ frequency (normal) [076DF]; Land Rover Model Year Indicators - 2013 Model Year [001BU]; Rear Badges - LE Rear Badge - Titan [057GU]; VIN format type - VIN format - EEC [147AA]; VIN prefix position 11 - VIN prefix position 11 - A [146AA]; Wheel Arch Eyebrows - Black Painted Eyebrows [080BE]; Literature Packs - Australian Literature Pack [002BN]; Paint Bands - Metallic Paint [024AZ]; Under Ride Protection - Under Ride Protection Bar [042AA]; Interior Trim Colours - Leather/Resolve Cloth - Ebony/Almond [TUS]; VIN prefix position 5 - VIN prefix position 5 - D [140AB]; VIN prefix position 4 - VIN prefix position 4 - L [139AD]; VIN prefix positions 1-3 - VIN prefix positions 1-3 - SAL [138AA]; Provision for Luggage Retention - Load Restraint [135AB]; Gear Knobs - Moulded plastic gearknob [117AB]; In Car Entertainment / Speakers - Single Slot CD MP3/AUX Bluetooth [025WX]; Power Unit Size - 2200 cc Power Unit [424SF]; Body Coloured Sills - Sill Chequer Plate [080FA]; Body Upper Sides - Hard Top Sliding Side Windows [041AD]; Painted Roof - Black Roof [080AN]; Drop in Mats (Front) - Front Floor Rubber Mats [079AU]; Rear End Glass - Rear 1/4 Windows [047AS]; Transmission - Manual 6 Speed [078BP]; Drive Hands - RHD [251SF]; Instrument Packs - KPH only Instrument Pack [038AP]; Door Locking Mode - Remote central locking [076DI]; Rear Wash Wipe - Tail Door Wash Wipe [040AP]; VIN prefix position 8 - VIN prefix position 8 - R [143AP]; Seat Map Pockets - Driver & Pass Seat Map Pocket [033FA]; Front Mudflaps - No Front Mudflaps [023AV]; Rear Side Windows - Sliding Rear Side Windows [041BU]; Rear Door Options - Rear Door Spare Wheel Carrier [070AH]; Headlamp Finishers - Painted Black Headlamp Surround [064FA]; Rear Lamp Clusters - Rear LED Lamps [064EK]; Finishing Front End - Body Coloured Grille [064CV]; Rear Fog Lamp - Rear Fog Lights - Defender [064BI]; Reverse Lights - Reverse Lights [064BH]; Facia Switch Panels - Body Coloured Switch Panel [063AX]; Brakes Intervention Traction Aid - ABS with ETC [020BB]; Jacks - Heavy Jack [060AJ]; Bulkhead/Partitions - Less Bulkhead [059AA]; Alternators - Current (Amps) - 150Amp Alternator [058AL]; Emission Directives - EU4 [053BM]; Front Badge - Hood Badge - Landrover - Black [057GP]; VIN prefix position 9 - VIN prefix position 9 - 7 [144AY]; Spare Wheel Cover - No Spare Wheel Cover [055AB]; Towing Equipment - No Towing Equipment [028EE]; Speed Limiter - Speed Limiter 145 KPH / 90 MPH [091AA]; Seat Colour Combination - Ebony / Almond [034FB]; Wheel Nuts - Locking wheel nuts [055AC]; Seat Configuration - Seats Five [033BC]; Centre Seat (Front) - Cubby Box - Hi Line Padded Cubby Box [045AP]; Spare Wheel - Rear Door - Alloy Locking Spare [050AN]; Perimetric Protection - Perimetric Protection [076DA]; Loadspace Covering - No Loadspace Cover [063AP]; Hoods - Delete Full Hood [041BI]; Window Lift - Electric front windows [041AW]; Roof Options - Station Wagon Roof [041AL]; Utility Packs - Convenience Pack [074GQ]; Screen Heating - Non Heated Windscreen [040AJ]; Rear Step - Steps Rear [048AB]; Heated Rear Windscreen - Heated Rear Windscreen [040AI]; Paint Colours - Nara Bronze [825]; Floor Trim - Rubber Mats Front & Rear [079AA]; Seat Material - Leather Seats (Cloth Inserts) [033JG]; Battery Back-Up - No Battery Back-up System [076EN]; Seat Heating - Unheated seats - driver and passenger's [033EP]; Stitching Colours - Contrast - Nutmeg Contrast Stitching [033IC]; Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning [022AM]; Disc Brakes - Ventilated Disc Brakes [020AO]; Steering Wheel Styles - Leather Steering Wheel [032BV]; Wheel & Tyre Configurations - Black Sawtooth Alloy & G. MTR Tubeless [029RS]; Steel / Alloy Options - 16' Black Sawtooth Alloy (L316) [029QR]; Tyre Manufacturer - Goodyear MTR (L316) [029PW]; Tyre Size - 235 / 85 R16 (L316) [029PF]; Tyre Type - Tubeless Tyres [029NN]; Defender Trim Packs - Raw LE [352EW]; Front Differential - Front Axle 2 Pin differential [027CU]; Vehicle Communication - Bluetooth Intreface connect [025MA]; Anti Roll Bars - Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bar [027BD]; Lockstop - Lockstop [027AY]; Grab Handles - Cantrail Mounted - 6 Passenger Grab Handles [042AQ]; Sunroof - No sunroof [019AY]; Doors - 5 Door [070AN]; Speakers - Speakers 2 Front & 2 Rear [025GI]; Aerials - Telescopic Aerial [025ER]; Security Systems - 433 MHZ Perimetric Alarm [076DY]; Door Stowage - No Rear Door Stowage [026RC]; VIN prefix position 10 - Vin prefix postion 10 -D [145AZ]; VIN prefix position 7 - VIN prefix position 7 - M [142AH]; Side Step - Side Runners [048AP]; Body Style - Station Wagon - 5 Door [368SF]; PRCV - No Pressure Control Release Valve [020BA]; Wheelbase - 110 Wheelbase [101AB]
MinorfeaturesFDBAA5 - Less Brake Limiting Valve; A4DAA5 - Без управления температурой сидений; JDAAC0 - Задн. фонари - Уровень 2; BBHAD0 - Передние напольн. резиновые коврики; BPIAG0 - С задней подножкой в сборе; A5PAB0 - Wheel Lockstop; B2YAG0 - Alpine Hard Top Plain; IBUAB0 - Интерфейсное соединение Blue Tooth; BDLAA5 - Less Spare Tyre Cover; B2YAC0 - Hard Top Sliding Side Windows; B5WBQ0 - Hi Line Padded Cubby Box; B2DAJ0 - With Sliding Rear Side Window; A3EAA5 - Без передних брызговиков; D3JBW0 - 235/85 R16; HNHAA5 - Без дополнит.сист. безопасн.; IBAMM0 - С блоком выс.уров.AM/FM Стерео/CD; CBFAB0 - С блоком дист.упр. открыв.дверей; FBABA0 - With Ventilated Disc Brakes; BW5AN0 - Контрастная прошивка Nutmeg; ICDAD0 - With Manual Telescopic Aerial; B2CAC0 - С электропр.стеклопод. передн. окон; HDHAL0 - Со спидометром KMH; AB5GB0 - Badge RR Defender - Titan Raw; ADQAB0 - With Utility Package; DWAAF0 - Со стандартной подвеской; BLMAL0 - Painted Black Headlamp Surround; AAG001 - Solihull Plant Built; A4WAH0 - Model Year Indicator - 2013; D2XDD0 - 16" Black Sawtooth Alloy Wheel; GTCAA5 - Less Electronic Speed Limitation; BLDBE0 - With Painted Body Colour Grille; B3NAB0 - С обогревом заднего стекла; BYNAR0 - С 5-местной конфигурацией; BMCAZ0 - With Black Painted Wheel Lip Mldg; A3ZAB0 - Driver & Passenger Seat Map Pockets; BDCAA5 - Less Load Area Cover; HUBFA0 - With Alternator 150AMP; AEDBU0 - Australian Owner Handbook; A6AAA5 - Без перегородки кузова; B3MAA5 - Без обогрева лобового стекла; CAEAC0 - С формов. рукоят. рыч.перекл.пер.; AHDBB0 - With Heavy Duty Jack; CLZAB0 - С защитной балкой перед. бамп.(N2); BVAA60 - Сиденье - стандартное; HNAAD0 - С периметр. противоуг.сигн.; BDFAD0 - With Cargo Compartment Guard; B2FAB0 - С неподвижным задн. окном-форточкой; JDJAC0 - С одним задн.противотуманн. фонарем; CSHAF0 - Rear Door Spare Wheel Carrier; BBQBF0 - I/P Insert - Body Coloured; CFEAB0 - С очистит./ омывателем задн.стекла; FEFAG0 - With Engine Traction Control Brake; CBLL10 - 433 MHZ Perimetric Alarm; A3IAA5 - Less Hood; BBGAD0 - With Complete Floor Rubber Mat; CJDAS0 - Roof окрашена в черный цвет; BC5AA5 - Без багажн. кармана на задней двери; EGKAF0 - Axle Differential - Front 2 Pin; AFNAD0 - Black; D5EAD0 - Гайки-; CHAAA5 - Без люка крыши; BPLAX0 - With Side Runners; JDAAQ0 - Taillamps - LED; CBLAC0 - Частота зап.дверей 433 МГц; AD4AC0 - Exterior Paint - Metallic; DZAAF0 - With Standard Duty Rear Springs; C1NAA5 - Без сцепного устройства прицепа; GTAAE0 - Рулевое колесо с отделкой под кожу; IDBAY0 - With 2 Front And 2 Rear Speakers
ExteriorPaintNara Bronze
AirConditioningС кондиц. возд., упр.вручную 4
EmissionEco class exhaustа Euro 4
Engine2.2L 16V TC I4 DSL 122PS PUMA
WheelBase110" Wheelbase
CabStyleStation Wagon - 5 Door

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