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SALLDHHS87A737373 Land Rover Defender 2007

Manufacturer: Land Rover TATA UK   Land Rover TATA UK
Brand: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Year: 2007
Serial: 37373
Mileage: Vehicle History Report →

Build Sheet

NameDefender 2007-
SpeccodesInterior Trim Colours - County (Grey) Cloth [T]; Paint Colours - Chawton White Solid [603]; Power Unit Series - Puma Diesel [423SF]; Power Unit Size - 2400 cc Power Unit [422SF]; Lockstop - No Lock Stop [027CQ]; VIN prefix position 9 - VIN prefix position 9 - 8 [144AZ]; Derivative Badges - Defender - Rear Badge [057DB]; VIN format type - VIN format - EEC [147AA]; VIN prefix position 11 - VIN prefix position 11 - A [146AA]; VIN prefix position 10 - Vin prefix postion 10 - 7 [145AM]; Tailgate - Defender - High Capacity Tailgate [070AL]; Exterior Mirrors - External mirrors convex [031BG]; Towing Equipment - Tow Ball Drop/Plate & Elecs [028AK]; Rear Step - No Rear Step [048AM]; VIN prefix position 5 - VIN prefix position 5 - D [140AB]; VIN prefix position 4 - VIN prefix position 4 - L [139AD]; VIN prefix positions 1-3 - VIN prefix positions 1-3 - SAL [138AA]; Load Guard - No Loadguard [135AE]; Instrument Packs - KPH only Instrument Pack [038AP]; Handbrake Grip - Plastic Moulded Grip [127AB]; Gear Knobs - Moulded plastic gearknob [117AB]; Passenger's Sunvisor - Single blade Non illuminated - Passenger [115AG]; Driver's Sunvisor - Single blade Non illuminated - Driver [115AA]; Transfer Box Ratio - Ratio 1210 [107AB]; Side Step - Side Steps [048AA]; Screen Heating - Non Heated Windscreen [040AJ]; Mirror Warning Labels - No Mirror Glass Script [096SI]; Anti Lock Brake Types - Non ABS [020AQ]; Cup Holders Row 1 - Cup Holders (2) Row 1 [088CC]; Door Handles - Exterior - Black Door Handles [080CC]; VIN prefix position 6 - VIN prefix position 6 - H [141AH]; Front Mudflaps - Front Mudflaps [023AU]; Heated Rear Windscreen - No Htd Rear Windscreen [040AS]; Transmission - Manual 6 Speed [078BP]; Waxing Instructions - Land Rover - Do not overbody wax [077AB]; Manual / Auto Gearbox Type - MT82 6 Speed Gearbox [003AB]; Doors - 2 Door [070AE]; Brakes Intervention Traction Aid - No Traction Control [020AZ]; Horn Types - Twin Tone Horn [076CW]; Engine Undertrays - No Engine Undertray [093AH]; Seat Map Pockets - No Seat Map Pockets [033HK]; Headlamp Leveling - Non Headlamp leveling [064AE]; Air Conditioning - No air conditioning [022AV]; Wheel Arch Eyebrows - Body Coloured Eyebrows [080BB]; Headlamp Finishers - Graphite Headlamp Surround [064DW]; Finishing Front End - Graphite Grille [064DV]; Rear Fog Lamp - Rear Fog Lights - Defender [064BI]; Reverse Lights - Reverse Lights [064BH]; Under Ride Protection - No Under Ride Protection Bar [042AO]; Weight Vehicle Type Approval - Non Vehicle Type Approval ( France) [097BT]; Dim/Dip Lights - Delete Dim Dip Lights [064AA]; Facia Switch Panels - Graphite Switch Panel [063AV]; Spare Wheel - Bodyside Mounted - Bodyside Mounted Spare Wheel [050AT]; Alternators - Current (Amps) - 150Amp Alternator [058AL]; Body Style - High Capacity Pick Up [366SF]; Door Locking Mode - Remote central locking [076DI]; Catalyst-ECD Directive - Catalyst EU4 [067BQ]; Wheel Nuts - Del Locking Wheel Nuts [055AF]; Seat Configuration - Two Seats [033HH]; Spare Wheel - Rear Door - Steel Spare [050AW]; Wheel Arch Liners - No Wheel Arch Liner [023AT]; Steering Aids - Power Assisted Steering [049AA]; Floor Trim - Carpet Floor Trim [079AE]; VIN prefix position 7 - VIN prefix position 7 - H [142AF]; Seat Belt Options - No Rear Seatbelts [026QZ]; Drive Hands - LHD [252SF]; Handbrake - Mechanical Handbrake [043AZ]; Decals - Colour - Brunel Decals [057CL]; Defender Trim Packs - HCPU S [351ER]; Sunroof - No sunroof [019AY]; Bumpers Front and Rear - Front Bumper [042AC]; Wheel & Tyre Configurations - Michelin XPC Tubeless 750 X 16 [029KY]; Bump Stop - Bump Stop [042AD]; Emission Directives - EU4 [053BM]; Window Lift - Electric front windows [041AW]; Speakers - 2 Front Speakers [025ET]; Seat Heating - Unheated seats - driver and passenger's [033EP]; PRCV - No Pressure Control Release Valve [020BA]; Jacks - Heavy Jack [060AJ]; Rear Suspension Systems - Standard Suspension [027CP]; Hoods - Hood Plain [041AA]; Seat Material - Cloth Seats [033AZ]; Steering Wheel Styles - Steering Wheel (Hard) Polyurathane [032BX]; Suspension - 2900KG Suspension [027CS]; Interior Mirrors - Interior Mirror [031BF]; Rear Wash Wipe - No Rear Wash/Wipe [040AT]; In Car Entertainment / Speakers - Single Play CD & Radio [025GS]; VIN prefix position 8 - Vin prefix position 8 - S [143BH]; Centre Seat (Front) - Cubby Box - Low Line Cubby Box [045AD]; Ladder Rack - Ladder Rack [041AU]; Perimetric Protection - Perimetric Protection [076DA]; Door Stowage - No Rear Door Stowage [026RC]; Audible Seat Belt Warning - No Audible Warning [026RA]; Front Tweeters - Two Front Tweeters [025KV]; Front Seat Belts - 2 Front Seat Belts [026AX]; Security Systems - 433 MHZ Perimetric Alarm [076DY]; Land Rover Model Year Indicators - Land Rover 2007 Model Year [001BH]; Body Upper Sides - Less Hard Top [041BP]; Centre Hi Mounted Stop Lamp - No Centre High Mounted Stop Lamp [064DX]; Aerials - Telescopic Aerial [025ER]; Paint Bands - Solid Paint [024BC]; Glazing - Tinted Glass [047AA]; Mudflaps - Mudflaps Rear [023AO]; Painted Roof - White Roof [080AM]; Wheelbase - 110 Wheelbase [101AB]; Battery Label - No Battery Label [021BG]; Literature Packs - French European Lit Pack [002AK]; Spare Wheel Cover - No Spare Wheel Cover [055AB]; Disc Brakes - Ventilated Disc Brakes [020AO]; Seat Belt Anchorage - No Seatbelt Anchorage [026RB]; Side Badges - Side Badge - Defender [057BB]; Provision for Luggage Retention - No Luggage Net [135AC]; Utility Packs - Convenience Pack [074GQ]
InteriorEnvironmentDark Graphite
ExteriorPaintБелый Chawton White Solid
AirConditioningБез сист.кондиционирования возд.
InteriorFabricDefender Cloth Black
EmissionEco class exhaustа Euro 4
Engine2.4L Duratorq-TDCi HPCR(140PS)-Puma
WheelBase110" Wheelbase
CabStyleHigh Capacity Pick Up

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SALLDHHS87A737373 Land Rover Defender 2007 Vehicle History Report

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