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SALLDHA87YA192388 Land Rover Defender 2000




SAL LDHA87 YA192388


Land Rover TATA UK  Land Rover TATA UK


Land Rover






Solihull UK





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NameDefender 1987-2006
SpeccodesInterior Trim Colours - County (Grey) Vinyl [S]; Power Unit Series - Storm T525 Engine [409SF]; Front Centre Seat Belt - Centre Seat Lap Belts [026AY]; Power Unit Size - 2500 cc power unit [349SF]; Rear Mudflaps - Rear Mudflaps [023AL]; Body Upper Sides - Hard Top Plain [041AE]; Paint Colours - Coniston Green Solid [637]; Electrical harness - Low Line Harness [030BD]; Spare Wheel - Bonnet - Del Bonnet Mounted Spare Wheel [050AB]; Dim/Dip Lights - Dim Dip Lights [064AG]; Front Seat Belts - 2 Front Seat Belts [026AX]; Air Conditioning - Heater-No Heated Seats/Screen [022AU]; Communication Equip. - No Communication Equip. [025CJ]; ICE Blanking Plate - ICE Blanking Plate [025CG]; Doors - 2 Door [070AE]; Waxing Instructions - Land Rover - Do not overbody wax [077AB]; Literature Packs - Home Market Literature Pack [002BA]; Body Style - Hard Top [364SF]; Drive Hands - RHD [251SF]; Transmission Oil Cooler - Non cooled [043AG]; Security Systems - 433MHz Pass Non Alarm [076CK]; Manual / Auto Gearbox Type - R380 Gearbox [003AA]; Disc Brakes - Ventilated Disc Brakes [020AO]; Floor Trim - Rubber Mats FRT + Lwr Trim [079AC]; Transmission Options - Manual Transmission [078AB]; Horn Types - Single Tone Horn [076CV]; Weight Plates - 3050kg [097AH]; No Transmitter Switch Req'd - No Transmitter Switch Req'd [072AG]; Wheel & Tyre Configurations - Tyres Avon Rngmster 750 x 16 [029AH]; Wheel Arch Eyebrows - Black Eyebrows 4 [064BJ]; Rear Fog Lamp - Rear Fog Lights - Defender [064BI]; Reverse Lights - Reverse Lights [064BH]; Oil Cooler - Oil Cooler [043AA]; Jacks - Jack [060AI]; Tool Kit - Tool Locker [060AH]; Alternators - Current (Amps) - 120 Amp Alternator [058AB]; Rear Badges - Rear Badge - Defender [057BC]; Side Badges - Side Badge - Defender [057BB]; Export Pack Cab Packed - No Export Pack [056AC]; No Winches or Pwr Take Off - No Winches or Pwr Take Off [052AB]; Spare Wheel - Rear Door - Rear Door Mtd Spare wheel [050AD]; Steering Aids - Power Assisted Steering [049AA]; Suspension - 3050KG Suspension [027BA]; Fuel Tank single - Single Fuel Tank [046AB]; Grab Handles - Exterior Grab Handles [042AF]; Bumpers Front and Rear - Front Bumper [042AC]; Clocks - Clock. [038AR]; Instrument Packs - Speedo MPH [038AC]; Exhaust Gas Recirculation - EGR + Catalyst.Defender [037AD]; Front Differential - 2 Pin differential [027BJ]; Side Step - No Side Steps [048AL]; Headlining - Headlining [032BG]; Exterior Mirrors - External mirrors convex [031BG]; Interior Mirrors - Interior Mirror [031BF]; No Ignition Required - No Ignition Required [030BM]; Rear Door Options - Rear Door Spare Wheel Carrier [070AH]; Lashing Rings - Lashing Rings (dlet tow equip) [028BD]; Wheelbase - 110 Wheelbase [101AB]; VIN format type - VIN format - EEC [147AA]; VIN prefix position 11 - VIN prefix position 11 - A [146AA]; Land Rover Model Year Indicators - Land Rover 2000 Model Year [001AU]; VIN prefix position 9 - VIN prefix position 9 - 7 [144AY]; VIN prefix position 8 - VIN prefix position 8 - 8 [143BC]; VIN prefix position 7 - VIN prefix position 7 - A [142AA]; VIN prefix position 10 - VIN prefix position 10 - Y [145AE]; VIN prefix position 5 - VIN prefix position 5 - D [140AB]; VIN prefix position 4 - VIN prefix position 4 - L [139AD]; VIN prefix positions 1-3 - VIN prefix positions 1-3 - SAL [138AA]; Gearbox Drive Ratios - Gearbox Ratio Group No. 2 [113AB]; Oil Block Type - Non cooled no switch [112AA]; Clutch Housing - Type No. 4 [111AD]; Gearchange Type - Gearchange Type No.2 [110AB]; 4WD - 4WD [109AA]; Transmission Rating - Uprated transmission [108AA]; Transfer Box Ratio - Ratio 1410 [107AA]; Speedo (Transfer Box) - Speedo Mech. [106AA]; Transfer Box Linkage - Mech Linkage [105AB]; VIN prefix position 6 - VIN prefix position 6 - H [141AH]; In Car Entertainment / Speakers - No Radio Cassette [025AJ]; Paint Bands - Solid Paint Defender [024BH]; Centre Seat (Front) - Cubby Box - Centre Seat [033AN]; Rear Axle - Normal Rear Axle [027BG]; Military Equipment - No Military Equipment Required [063AM]; Door Locks - 2 Front / 1 Rear Lock [102AD]; EEC s - N1 Vehicle Category [101AF]; Tailgate - Defender - Lower Tailgate [100AE]; Painted Roof - White Roof [080AM]; Transfer Box - High/Low Ratio Transfer Box [043AE]
MinorfeaturesGBAAB0 - С одним топливным баком; D3YAU0 - Avon Tyres; AAG001 - Solihull Plant Built; HDHAK0 - С MPH Speedo; GPA013 - С усилителем рулевого управления; HJA004 - С часами; JDJAB0 - С задними противотуманными фонарями; DGHAB0 - With Exhaust Gas Recirculation; JEBAB0 - With Dim - Dip Headlamps; CSH001 - With Spare Wheel Carrier; HIAAB0 - Однонотный электр.звуковой сигнал
ExteriorPaintConiston Green Solid (637)
InteriorFabricVinyl Seat Fabric
EngineTd5 2.5L I5

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