SALGS2EF8DA120428 Land Rover Range Rover 2013 VIN decoder and vehicle history report

This is the Land Rover Range Rover VIN decoder. Every Land Rover car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more. For instance, if someone wants to buy a car, it is possible to check the VIN number one the online database to ensure that the car was not stolen, damaged or illegally modified. The VIN number has a specific format that is globally recognized. This format was implemented by the ISO institute. Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format. This online service allows a user to check the validity of the car and get detailed information on almost any VIN number, search for Land Rover Range Rover car parts and check the car's history. The VIN also allows a user to check the market value of a new or used Land Rover Range Rover.
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SALGS2EF8DA120428 Land Rover Range Rover 2013
SAL GS2EF8 DA120428
Land Rover TATA UK  Land Rover TATA UK
Land Rover
Range Rover
Solihull UK
Sequential number:
Approx. mileage:
59,455 km
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Campaign # Report date Affected Component Recall Initiator
06/12/13 AIR BAGS MFR
18/02/15 AIR BAGS MFR
Additional information on the vehicle:
NameRange Rover (GCAT) 2013-
InteriorFabricPerf Windsor
AirConditioningПередн./задн.кондиционер выс.серии
EmissionReq. II Level
Engine5,0 л OHC SGDI SC V8 gasoline - AJ133
SpeccodesInterior Trim Combinations - Espresso Seats Espresso/Almond Ivory [TKD]; Foot Pedals - Foot Pedal - Metal Finish [051AJ]; L405 Trim Packs - Vogue Petrol [350KA]; Navigation Systems - Colour Nav. System NAS [025FC]; Wheel Nuts - Del Locking Wheel Nuts [055AF]; Driver Assist - Lane Change Assist [086BB]; VIN format type - VIN format - EEC [147AA]; VIN prefix position 11 - VIN prefix position 11 - A [146AA]; Wood Trim - Ebony Macassar [088GF]; VIN prefix position 9 - VIN prefix position 9 - ? (check digit) [144BC]; Headlamps - Adaptive Headlights BiXenon [064DI]; Front Treadstrips - FT DR Treadstrips - Range Rover [048AR]; Driver's Sunvisor - Sunvisor Dual Illuminated Driver [115AP]; Engine Pre Heater - No Engine Pre-Heater [043BC]; VIN prefix position 4 - VIN prefix position 4 - G [139AM]; VIN prefix positions 1-3 - VIN prefix positions 1-3 - SAL [138AA]; Front Foglamps - front fog lamps [064AP]; Seat Bolster - Massage/Adj Seat Bolster [033JO]; Cruise Control - Cruise Control [065AB]; Gear Knobs - Rotary Gearshift Knob - Leather [117AK]; VIN prefix position 10 - Vin prefix postion 10 -D [145AZ]; 4WD - 4WD [109AA]; Front Touch Screen Displays - HLDF Screen [087AL]; Clear View Packs - Vision Assist Pack [041CB]; Body Types - 4 Door Estate [099AB]; Towing Equipment - Tow Hitch Receiver NAS [028BX]; Power Unit Series - 5.0 S/C Petrol [200AN]; Interior Decal - Less Interior Decal [089CA]; Handbook Finish - Handbook - Std Cover [088JA]; Perimetric Protection - Perimetric Protection [076DA]; Front Seat Adjustment - Drv/Pas Elec Ft Seat Adj/Memory [033IP]; Drive Hands - LHD [252SF]; Centre Console - Material / Finish - Console Lid Prem Leather [088FX]; Seatbelt Functionality - Seatbelt Retractor NAS [026RM]; Seat Material - Oxford Leather [033JK]; Paint Colours - Fuji White [867]; Vehicle Information Control System - Traffic Message Channel (TMC) [087AG]; Home Link - Garage Door Opener NAS [025FF]; Derivative Badges - Supercharged [057CT]; Literature Packs - NAS Literature Pack [002BQ]; Park Distance Control Sensor Front - Park Distance Control Sensor Front [086EG]; Washer Bottle - Washer Bottle Std [039BA]; Stop/Start Systems - Standard Electric Starter Motor [040AV]; Rear Console Functionality - Less Rear Cooler Box [038FA]; Provision for Luggage Retention - No Loadspace Stowage Rails [135AJ]; Door Handles - Exterior - Body coloured Door Handles [080AW]; Facia Console - Mid Leather Facia [088FW]; Facia Contrast Colours - Cooled Console - Front [038EA]; Drop in Mats (Front) - Front Floor Carpet Mats [079AJ]; Air Conditioning - Premium Air Con - Fr & RR [022BG]; Headrestraint Logos - Less Seat Embossing [010AA]; Seat Heating - Cooled/heated Fr & Rear Seats [033IN]; Steering Wheel Styles - Wood/Leather Steering Wheel [032DR]; Interior Light Package - Ambience Lighting - 2 [064FB]; Painted Roof - Body Colour Roof [080AC]; Tailgate - Power TailgateTailgateZZVI [070AY]; Keyless Start / Entry - Passive Entry/Push Button Start [066AC]; Parking Assist - Advanced park Assist [086GZ]; Tyre Pressure Monitor - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System [062AD]; Heater Unit Operation - Fresh Air Heater - No sup heater [043AY]; Park Heating - No Park Heating [043AO]; Smokers Pack - Smokers Pack [094AA]; Infotainment - Less Cellphone Interface [025PE]; Seat Colours - Navy [033DP]; Console Mounted Switches - Terrain Optimisation 2 [088IA]; Door Locking - Operation - Central Door Locking + Soft Close [076FB]; Battery Back-Up - No Battery Back-up System [076EN]; Seat Packs Combined - Climate Confort Pack - Fnt/Rear [033KL]; First Aid Kit - Less First Aid Kit [056AA]; Stitching Colours - Contrast - Espresso Contrast Stitching [033PA]; Door Cappings - PVC Door Top Rolls [090DI]; Transmission - Auto 8 Speed Trans ZF 8H70 [078BT]; Proximity Mirrors - Proximity Mirror Camera [031CU]; Roof Conversion - Roof Sliding - Panoramic [041CZ]; Door Casing Material - PVC Door Trim Panel [080NC]; Glass - Privacy IRR Glass [047AV]; Paint Bands - Solid Paint [024BC]; Steel / Alloy Options - 22 Alloy Spkl Silver Classic (N) [029SK]; Seat Features - Front Seats - 12x12 Way [033JP]; Digital Radio Receiver - H.D Radio / SDARS [025LA]; Seats - Headrestraints - Headrests - Embossed [033DG]; Facia Contrast Colours - Espresso/Almond IP Facia [038DF]; Seat Colour Combination - Espresso [034FF]; Body Coloured Mirrors - Body Coloured Mirrors [030BS]; Blind Spot Information systems - Blind Spot/Reverse Traffic DetectBlind Spot Information systemsR [086GF]; Contrast trim themes - Monotone Stitch [033IH]; Seat Lumbar Adjustment - Rear Seat Power 4 way Lumbar [033IQ]; Transmission Type - Paddle Shift [078CB]; Door Armrest - Prem Lthr Door Armrest [033IZ]; Rear Seat Configuration - 60/40 Power Recline [033CU]; Bumpers - Front Bumper - Atlas/Body Colour [080DT]; Wheel & Tyre Configurations - Tyres Continental [029KA]; Front Seat Configuration - Passenger Seat Away [033NB]; Bodystyle Moulding Inserts - B/S moulding Insert -Body Clr/Atlas [080XE]; Interior Trim Finish - Morzine Trim Finish [088HH]; Wheelbase - SWB [101AG]; Locking Radio Frequency - 315 MHZ frequency [076DG]; Steering Wheel Heating - Steering Wheel Heating [032DV]; Headlining - Ivory Headlining [032CV]; Land Rover Model Year Indicators - 2013 Model Year [001BU]; Exterior Mirror Function - Auto Dimming Mirror [031EB]; Windscreen Glass - Climate Control Windscreen [047AP]; Tyre Size - 275/40 22 A/T Tyre [029RH]; Console Material - TPO Console [088FB]; Finishing Front End - Bright Grille [064EZ]; Spare Wheel Type - Full Size Spare Wheel [050AQ]; Tyre Inflation System - LESS Instant Mobility System [029FK]; Exterior Features - Auto High Beam Assist [030NT]; Fixed Rear Camera - Surround Camera System [086GC]; Power Train & Drive - Adaptive Dynamics [027CW]; Rear Axle Differential - Rear Axle Open Diff [027CB]; In Car Entertainment / Speakers - Premium Audio [025LN]; VIN prefix position 8 - VIN prefix position 8 - F [143AF]; Front Headrestraint - Front Headrestraint - Winged Powered [033DK]; VIN prefix position 6 - VIN prefix position 6 - 2 [141AY]; Emission Directives - LEV 2 Emissions [053BR]; VIN prefix position 7 - VIN Prefix position 7 - E [142AY]; VIN prefix position 5 - VIN prefix position 5 - S [140AU]; Television Receiver - No TV Receiver [129ZZ]; Rear Screen - Rear Seat Entertainment Screen [129AH]
ExteriorPaintFuji White (867)
MinorfeaturesAAG001 - Solihull Plant Built; A1GAN0 - Панорамн.крыша-электропр./открыван.; A1PA40 - Пластины передн.двер. - Range Rover; A2FAB0 - Канал дорожных сообщений -TMC; A4DAF0 - Обрев./охлажд.передн.сидений; A4EAF0 - Сид.вод./пасс.эл/прив./функц.пам.; A7AAW0 - Элприв.врх.+ниж.секц.подъем.зад.дв.; A7JAA5 - Без внутренних аппликаций; AB5LA0 - С супернаддувом; AD4AB0 - Exterior Paint - Solid; AEDAV0 - Инструкция по экспл. English NAS; AHQAA5 - Less First Aid Kit; AHTAA5 - Без сервисного компл. ремонта шин; B2GBN0 - Инфракр.перед./затемнен.задн.стекло; B2RAH0 - Лобов.стекло с сист.климат-контроля; B52C10 - Контрастн.пан.приб.-Espresso/Almond; B5SAY0 - Верхн.панель консоли - Leather Premium; B5YAH0 - С материалом консоли TPO; BA3AA5 - Подголовник без декор.отделки; BA5AG0 - Отделка салона - Morzine; BAVAA5 - Без системы удерживания багажа; BB6A90 - Комплект отделки салона Ebony; BBHAB0 - Передн. напольн.коврики из коврол.; BBZAU0 - Обшивка потолка Ivory; BCAAG0 - Двойн.солнцезащит.козырёк водителя; BCKAU0 - Декор.панель двери из ПВХ; BCZAJ0 - Подлокотн.двери-Высококачеств.leather; BLDAE0 - Яркая передняя решетка; BMNAU0 - Вставка-молдинг B/S-Цв.кузова/Atlas; BS2AC0 - Камера бордюрного зеркала; BSLAC0 - С наружн.зеркалом в цвет кузова; BSQAC0 - Автом.затемн.зерк.при ярк.свете; BSVAB0 - Дополнит.электрохром.зеркало; BVRAR0 - Передн.подголовник с боков.секцией; BW5A80 - Контраст.декративн.строчка Espresso; BW5AA5 - Без контрастной прошивки; BWCAT0 - С задн.сид.60/40 с эл/прив.складыв.; BWEAW0 - Задн.подголовн.4-позиц.боков.секция; BWKAD0 - Без пассажирского сиденья; BWRAH0 - Масажн.поясн.опора,рег.валик-водит.; BY4AC0 - Зад.сид.-4функц.эл./прив.поясн.оп.; BYPBF0 - Эл/прив.-глуб./выс./накл.сид.водит.; C1NAR0 - Приемн.сцепн.устр-ва-рынкиNAS; CAAAC0 - Наруж.ручка двери в цвет кузова; CAWAG0 - Подрулевые лепестки; CBGAL0 - Пассивный бесключевой вход/запуск; CBLAE0 - Частота запир.дверей 315МГц; CBSAH0 - Центральн.запирание+мягк.закрывание; CFMAB0 - Бачок омывателя обычного размера; CJDAQ0 - With Body Coloured Roof; CLFCA0 - ПереднБампер-ЦветКуз/Atlas/ЦветКуз; CPXAG0 - Мех-м втягив.ремня безоп.-Стнд.рем.; D17BA0 - С обычн.легкоспл.диск.зап.кол.; D19AB0 - С датчиками давления в шинах; D2HAU0 - 22 х 9,5 Sparkle Silver (Стиль N); D3ICP0 - Шина 275/40 R22 A/T; D3YAP0 - Continental Tyres; D5EAE0 - Нестопор. барашковые гайки; DECAB0 - Стандартн.эл/двиг.стартера; DWMAC0 - С непрер.регулир.амортиз.вибраций; EGJAE0 - Зад.мост с дифференц.с осью сател.; FEFAP0 - Автомат.реакция тормозов на рельеф; G2AAB0 - С подогревателем свежего воздуха; GCEAE0 - Педали с уник. отделкой metallic; GTAAQ0 - Рулевое колесо - дерево/leather; GTBAB0 - С обогреваемым рулевым колесом; GTDAB0 - С круиз-контролем; GZHAA5 - Без парковочного отопителя; HCLAJ0 - С leatherной отделк.панл. приборов; HJGAR0 - Экран HLDF; HKCAQ0 - С цветной навигац.сист. NAS; HKEAA5 - Без ТВ-приемника; HLEAC0 - Система предупр.об уходе с полосы; HLLAD0 - Контроль движен.задн.ходом/CTA/LCMA; HNAAD0 - С периметр. противоуг.сигн.; HNHAA5 - Без дополнит.сист. безопасн.; HNLAB0 - С перед.сист. помощи при парковке; HNSAB0 - С автоматич. сист.парковки; IBYAJ0 - Радиовещание HD и Sirius; IDAAX0 - Аудиосистема Premium 1280 Вт; IENAD0 - Экран задней развлекат. системы; IEPAA5 - Без сист. интерфейса моб.телеф.; IGDAB0 - С блоком открывания гаражных ворот; J3CAB0 - С комплектом для курильщиков; J3KAE0 - Камера сист.обеспечения видимости; J4HAA5 - Без холодильной камеры; J4IAB0 - С передней холодильной камерой; JBBBB0 - С адаптивными биксеноновыми фарами; JBKAB0 - С передними противотуманными фарами; JCBAQ0 - Фон.освещение салона - High Line

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