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Manufacturer: Land Rover TATA UK   Land Rover TATA UK
Brand: Land Rover
Model: Range Rover
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Recalls and Complaints

Campaign # Date Component
13V607000 06/12/13 AIR BAGS
14V395000 02/07/14 AIR BAGS
15V093000 18/02/15 AIR BAGS

Build Sheet

NameRange Rover (GCAT) 2013-
SpeccodesInterior Trim Combinations - Almond Seats Espresso/Almond Ivory [TKC]; Paint Colours - Aintree Green [866]; Television Receiver - TV Receiver Digital [129AK]; Interior Light Package - Ambience Lighting - 2 [064FB]; Seat Heating - Cooled/heated Fr & Rear Seats [033IN]; Tyre Inflation System - LESS Instant Mobility System [029FK]; VIN format type - VIN format - EEC [147AA]; VIN prefix position 11 - VIN prefix position 11 - A [146AA]; Tailgate - Power TailgateTailgateZZVI [070AY]; VIN prefix position 9 - VIN prefix position 9 - ? (check digit) [144BC]; Tyre Pressure Monitor - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System [062AD]; Proximity Mirrors - Proximity Mirror Camera [031CU]; Door Locking - Operation - Double Locking + Soft Close [076FC]; Drive Hands - RHD [251SF]; VIN prefix position 4 - VIN prefix position 4 - G [139AM]; VIN prefix positions 1-3 - VIN prefix positions 1-3 - SAL [138AA]; Literature Packs - English Export RHD Literature Pack [002CG]; Bodystyle Moulding Inserts - B/S moulding Insert -Body Clr/Atlas [080XE]; Front Seat Adjustment - Drv/Pas Elec Ft Seat Adj/Memory [033IP]; Cruise Control - Cruise Control [065AB]; Towing Equipment - Tow Hitch Receiver Aus [028EL]; 4WD - 4WD [109AA]; Gear Knobs - Rotary Gearshift Knob - Leather [117AK]; Body Types - 4 Door Estate [099AB]; Emission Directives - EU5 + DPF Emissions [053BZ]; Provision for Luggage Retention - No Loadspace Stowage Rails [135AJ]; Interior Decal - Less Interior Decal [089CA]; Handbook Finish - Handbook - Std Cover [088JA]; Door Casing Material - PVC Door Trim Panel [080NC]; Door Armrest - Prem Lthr Door Armrest [033IZ]; Front Treadstrips - FT DR Treadstrips - Range Rover [048AR]; Wheel & Tyre Configurations - Tyres Goodyear [029CJ]; Navigation Systems - Navigation Row 2 (Asia) [025LR]; Front Touch Screen Displays - HLDF Screen [087AL]; Fixed Rear Camera - Surround Camera System [086GC]; Spare Wheel Type - Full Size Spare Wheel [050AQ]; Exterior Mirror Function - Auto Dimming Mirror [031EB]; Digital Radio Receiver - Analogue Radio Reception [025KO]; Paint Bands - Metallic Paint [024AZ]; Park Distance Control Sensor Front - Park Distance Control Sensor Front [086EG]; Steering Wheel Heating - Steering Wheel Heating [032DV]; Home Link - Garage Door Opener [025FG]; Heater Unit Operation - Fuel Burning Heater [043AB]; Blind Spot Information systems - Blind Spot/Reverse Traffic DetectBlind Spot Information systemsR [086GF]; Rear Console Functionality - Less Rear Cooler Box [038FA]; Smokers Pack - Non smokers pack [094AB]; In Car Entertainment / Speakers - HI Line Audio - 600w [025LM]; Stop/Start Systems - Standard Electric Starter Motor [040AV]; Vehicle Information Control System - No Information control system [087ZZ]; Washer Bottle - Washer Bottle - Additional [039BB]; Air Conditioning - Fr & Rr Comfort Air conditioning [022BC]; Wood Trim - Ebony Macassar [088GF]; Interior Trim Finish - Morzine Trim Finish [088HH]; Exterior Features - Auto High Beam Assist [030NT]; Painted Roof - Body Colour Roof [080AC]; Headlamps - Adaptive Headlights BiXenon [064DI]; Derivative Badges - TDV8 Vogue [057DU]; Seat Material - Oxford Leather [033JK]; Seatbelt Functionality - Seatbelt Retractor Euro [026RL]; Parking Assist - No Parking Assist [086YY]; Door Cappings - PVC Door Top Rolls [090DI]; Seat Lumbar Adjustment - Rear Seat Power 4 way Lumbar [033IQ]; Roof Conversion - Roof line - STD [041CY]; Centre Console - Material / Finish - Console Lid Prem Leather [088FX]; Steel / Alloy Options - 20 Alloy Stormer Sparkle Silver (B) [029SB]; VIN prefix position 6 - VIN prefix position 6 - 2 [141AY]; Console Mounted Switches - Terrain Optimisation 2 [088IA]; Rear Screen - No Rear Seat Entertainment [129XX]; Body Coloured Mirrors - Body Coloured Mirrors [030BS]; Transmission - Auto 8 Speed Trans ZF 8H70 [078BT]; VIN prefix position 8 - VIN prefix position 8 - E [143AE]; Console Material - TPO Console [088FB]; Facia Console - Mid Leather Facia [088FW]; Rear Axle Differential - Active Rear Locking Diff [027DB]; Door Handles - Exterior - Body coloured Door Handles [080AW]; Wheelbase - SWB [101AG]; Headrestraint Logos - Less Seat Embossing [010AA]; VIN prefix position 7 - AVAILABLE TO USE [142BF]; Facia Contrast Colours - Espresso/Almond IP Facia [038DF]; Seat Colour Combination - Almond / Almond [034DV]; Seat Bolster - Massage/Adj Seat Bolster [033JO]; Stitching Colours - Contrast - Almond Contrast Stitching [033PB]; Console Functionality - Less Front Cooled Console [038ED]; Contrast trim themes - Monotone Stitch [033IH]; Battery Back-Up - BBUS with Tilt Sensor [076EG]; Finishing Front End - Bright Grille [064EZ]; Land Rover Model Year Indicators - 2013 Model Year [001BU]; Engine Pre Heater - No Engine Pre-Heater [043BC]; Windscreen Glass - Climate Control Windscreen [047AP]; Driver Assist - Lane Change Assist [086BB]; Front Seat Configuration - Passenger Seat Away [033NB]; Front Headrestraint - Less Front Winged Headrestraint [033DL]; First Aid Kit - First Aid Kit [056AZ]; Seat Features - Front Seats - 12x12 Way [033JP]; Headlining - Ivory Headlining [032CV]; Transmission Type - Paddle Shift [078CB]; Power Unit Series - 4.4 Diesel V8 [200AR]; Locking Radio Frequency - 433.92 MHZ frequency (normal) [076DF]; VIN prefix position 10 - Vin prefix postion 10 -D [145AZ]; Driver's Sunvisor - Sunvisor Dual Illuminated Driver [115AP]; Glass - IR reflecting glass [047AH]; Bumpers - Front Bumper - Atlas/Body Colour [080DT]; Foot Pedals - Foot Pedal - Metal Finish [051AJ]; Front Foglamps - front fog lamps [064AP]; Wheel Nuts - Locking wheel nuts [055AC]; Rear Seat Configuration - 60/40 Power Recline [033CU]; Power Train & Drive - Adaptive Dynamics [027CW]; Park Heating - No Park Heating [043AO]; Seats - Headrestraints - Less Rear Winged Headrestraint [033DM]; Infotainment - Less Cellphone Interface [025PE]; Steering Wheel Styles - Leather Steering Wheel [032BV]; Keyless Start / Entry - Passive Entry/Push Button Start [066AC]; VIN prefix position 5 - VIN prefix position 5 - A [140AR]; Perimetric Protection - Perimetric and Volumetric Protection [076EL]; Drop in Mats (Front) - Front Floor Carpet Mats [079AJ]; Tyre Size - 255/55 20 A/T Tyre [029QO]; L405 Trim Packs - Vogue Diesel [350KF]
ExteriorPaintAintree Green (866)
AirConditioningAir cond. front/rear
InteriorFabricPerf Windsor
EmissionStage V with DPF
Engine4.4L DOHC DITC V8 Diesel 260PS

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SALGA2JEXDA109396 Land Rover Range Rover 2013 Vehicle History Report

Land Rover Range Rover 2013 VIN check

A Land Rover VIN check can provide valuable information about a vehicle's history, including previous ownership, accident history, and repairs. When buying a used Land Rover Range Rover 2013 car, a VIN lookup can be useful in obtaining a vehicle history report and identifying any potential issues. Additionally, it can help you determine if the manufacturer had issued any recalls for Land Rover Range Rover 2013 and whether they were addressed. Law enforcement agencies also rely on VIN checks to identify stolen vehicles. In any situation where you want to know more about a vehicle's history, a VIN check can be an essential tool.

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