Records for 2008 Kia Picanto

KNEBA24428T630268 Kia Picanto 2008

VIN: KNEBA24428T630268
WMI/VDS/VIS: KNE BA2442 8T630268
Manufacturer: Kia Korea   Kia Korea
Brand: Kia
Model: Picanto
Engine: N/A
Year: 2008
Serial: 30268
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Vehicle linePICANTO 08 (2008-)
Build Date20080614
Vehicle Type PASSENGER
Region [EUR] Europe, [CIS] CIS
Body Type SEDAN - 5DR 5P
Engine Capacity 1000 CC - EPSILON
Engine Type SOHC - MPI
Transaxle MANUAL T/M - 5 SPEED 2WD
Special Car
Exterior Colour UD
Interior Colour[EQ] EBONY BLACK
Production Date 20080614
Model Year 2008
Model BCS6E2315
Country [C01] AUSTRIA
Region [C51] EUROPE
Vehicle Factory
Engine Factory
Engine NumberG4HE8449528
Engine Code
Transmisson Factory
Transmission NumberM8156974018
Transmission Code
 Temperate zone
 Emission regulation - ec 2005
 Evap. gas control - euro-3
 Muffler main assy - single-black paint
 Fuel tank-capacity - 35 liter
 Battery capacity - 40ah (20hr)
 Battery saver
 Clutch type - cable
 Mt knob - soft pvc
 Steel wheel - 4.0b * 13
 155 tire - 155/70 r13
 Tire source - kum ho
 Tire material - silica
 Temporary - tire mobility kit (tmk)
 Tire pressure label - australia
 Tool set & jack label - general
 Fr susp type - macph. w/coil spring
 S/absorber type - oil
 Rr susp type - torsion axle
 S/absorber type - oil
 3-spoke - poly urethane
 Steer'g column-non-tilt
 Driver side - full
 Passenger side - full
 Pab on/off switch
 Manual strg
 Fr brake - disc-13 inch
 Rr brake - drum-7 inch
 Abs (anti lock brk sys)
 Single booster - 8 inch
 P/brake knob trim - soft pvc
 High grade
 Child safety rr dr lock'g
 Fuel filler dr rel type - cable
 Tail gate type - lift up
 Tail gate o/side handle - natural color
 Tail gate finish'g-formed type(plastic)
 Upr trim finish'g - plastic(no cover'g)
 Map pocket finish'g - w/o t/c pile
 Arm rest cover'g - pvc
 Fr dr glass - clear
 Rr dr glass - clear
 Finish'g - black color
 N/punch - velour type
 W/o lock
 Cup holder - fr(w/o ill)
 Day/night type
 Material - vinyl
 Vanity mirror - glass type
 Material - vinyl
 Vanity mirror - glass type
 Roof trim material - fabric
 Fr - 1 ea
 Rr - 2 ea
 Rr - 2 ea
 Luggage side - plastic
 Floor - wall paper
 Trim - rr transverse
 W/s glass type-clear (w/o s/band)
 Mld'g-windshield - black
 B type - black
 Grade - gl
 Towing hook
 Tie down hook(lashing)
 Shipping hook
 Id plate - gen+mes type(id)
 Type - 2.5 mile
 Color - natural
 Back lite glass type -clear (w/ heated)
 H.m.s.l - t/gate inr
 Mld'g - body color
 Pass's side - lever-conv
 Driver's side - lever-conv
 Color - black
 Mld'g-waist line - black
 Head rest - up/down
 Double reclin'g
 Head rest - up/down
 Double reclin'g
 Driver's side - elr
 Passenger's side - elr
 Retractor pretensioner - electrical type
 Pre tensioner - electrical type
 Seat belt reminder
 S/belt anchor - fixed
 S/belt anchor - fixed
 Head rest - lh - fixed
 Head rest - rh - fixed
 Double fold'g
 Holder - upr anchor
 Lwr anchor
 Side - elr
 Mfr - clear
 Drl - europe type
 Leveling device - manual
 Rr - conventional
 Integrated - clear lens
 Conventional - clear lens (on fender)
 Rr combi lamp - clear
 Room lamp-fr(glow lamp)
 Luggage lamp
 Trip odometer - lcd
 Water temp.
 Direction indicator
 Oil pressure
 Brake oil
 Park'g brake
 Dr ajar - dr ajar
 Battery charge
 High beam
 Low fuel
 Trunk lid(t/gate) open
 Check engine
 Seat belt
 Speedometer type - kmph
 Temperature unit - c
 Body control module - t.a.c.u
 Frequency-smart key - general
 Blank'g cover - germany type
 Component 1 din - w/ tray
 Frequency vibration - am9k/fm50k
 Antenna telescopic - antenna roof type
 Speaker location fr dr - general
 Single horn
 Blower - 4 speed fan
 Function - air filter
 Cable type - rotary type
 Fr wiper - intermittent(variable)
 Fr wiper-2 speed
 Full size whl cover - a type
 Central dr lock/unlock - dr's & pa's ctr
 Central t/gate lock/unlock
 Power window(fr)
 Sw illumination(dr)
 Sw illumination(pass's)
 Fr - ash tray w/o illum
 Cigar lighter - w/o illum.
 Cover'g shelf trim - wall paper
 Cloth - cloth
 Adjuster - height adjuster
 Seat back - seat back pocket
 6:4 split back fold'g - cushion+back
 Ctr - elr
 Type - digital
 Rr wiper - intermittent(non variable)

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KNEBA24428T630268 Kia Picanto 2008 Vehicle History Report

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