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KNAD6811GL6402483 Kia Picanto / Morning 2020




KNA D6811G L6402483


Kia Korea   Kia Korea




Picanto / Morning




Sohari Korea





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Vehicle history report

Build Sheet:

Vehicle lineRIO/STONIC 17 (2016-2020)
Build Date20191118
Vehicle Type PASSENGER
Region [EUR] Europe
Body Type WAGON - 5DR 5P
Engine Capacity 1000 CC - KAPPA
Engine Type DOHC - TCI/GDI
Transaxle DCT - 7 SPEED 2WD
Special Car
Exterior Colour ABP
Interior Colour[WK] BLACK
Production Date 20191118
Model Year 2020
Model H8W5K2G1U
Country [C06] FRANCE
Region [C51] EUROPE
Vehicle Factory
Engine Factory
Engine NumberG3LCKP192683
Engine Code38WE
Transmisson Factory
Transmission NumberM08GJDB23632
Transmission CodeM08G
 Temperate zone
 Vehicle package - wagon
 Model year package - 20my
 Emission regulation - euro 6c
 Evap. gas control - euro-5
 Muffler tail trim - single
 Fuel tank-capacity - 45 liter
 Battery saver
 Interior lamp - autocut
 Temporary - tire mobility kit (tmk)
 Tire pressure label - europe
 Fr susp type - macph. w/coil spring
 S/absorber type - advanced valve
 Rr susp type - torsion axle
 S/absorber type - advanced valve
 Steer'g column-manual tilt & telescopic
 Driver side - depowered
 Passenger side - depowered
 Side air bag-fr - fr(thorax & pelvis)
 Curtain a/bag
 Air bag label(pass's) - pictogram
 Fr impact sensor
 Pab on/off switch
 Pab on/off lamp
 Side impact sensor (b-pillar)
 Side impact sensor,press (fr dr)
 Fr brake - disc-15 inch
 Rr brake - disc-14 inch
 Brake pad - european
 Abs (anti lock brk sys)
 Esc (electronic stability control)
 Ess (emergency stop signal)
 Vsm (vehicle stability management)
 Hac (hillstart assist control)
 Single booster - 10 inch
 High grade
 License plate - europe type
 Door beam - high strength tube
 Fr dr checker - slider
 Rr dr checker - slider
 Hood panel material - steel
 Hood opening device - stay rod
 Central dr lock/unlock - c/facia
 Inside hndl over ride - all dr
 Child safety rr dr lock'g
 Speed sens'g auto dr lock
 Impact sens'g auto dr unlockg
 Ign key reminder
 Security indicate
 Fuel filler dr material - plastic
 Fuel filler dr rel type - cable
 Fuel filler dr finish'g - body color
 Tail gate type - lift up
 Tail gate panel material - steel
 Tail gate open'g device - gas lift
 Tail gate release type - electric
 Tail gate o/side handle - natural color
 Central t/gate lock/unlock
 Tail gate finish'g-formed type(plastic)
 Key type - inside cutting
 Type - folding
 Keyless entry-b/alarm
 Keyless entry-t/open
 Keyless entry-central lock
 Body side w/strip - rubber(silicon coatg
 Dr side w/strip - rubber(silicon coat'g)
 Dr belt line mld'g - black-sus+pvc type
 Dr belt line e/piece - natural
 Dr black out finish - non-bright
 Dr black out material - tape
 Formed type - std
 Upr trim finish'g - plastic(no cover'g)
 Map pocket finish'g - w/o t/c pile
 Arm rest cover'g - plastic
 Arm rest handle - pull type
 Fr dr glass - tinted
 Rr dr glass - tinted
 Time lag power window
 Finish'g - body color
 I/s handle hsg - paint
 Map pocket-fr dr
 Map pocket-rr dr
 Lwr trim (main trim) - plastic(no cover'
 Map pocket type - fixed
 Ctr flr under cover - full
 N/punch - high velour type
 Power outlet(fr)
 W/o lock
 Cup holder - fr(w/o ill)
 W/o cover
 Small tray
 Day/night type
 Material - vinyl
 Vanity mirror - glass type
 Material - vinyl
 Vanity mirror cover
 Vanity mirror - glass type
 Vanity mirror cover
 Roof trim material - fabric
 Fr - 1 ea
 Rr - 2 ea
 Rr - 1 ea
 Luggage side - plastic
 Rr - plastic
 Floor - wall paper
 Luggage net hook
 A pillar - cloth-looking(textile)
 B pillar - cloth-looking(textile)
 C pillar - std
 Cover'g shelf trim - wall paper
 W/s glass type-tinted (w/o s/band)
 Mld'g-windshield - black
 C type - glossy black + satin cr
 Grade - gls
 Towing hook
 Shipping hook
 Id plate - europe('e' mark) type
 Vin label - vin
 Type - 2.5 mile
 Color - body color + black
 License plate mldg - long type
 Fr bumper lip - w/
 A type
 Fr skid plate - silver paint(a type)
 Rr skid plate - silver paint(a type)
 Back lite glass type -tinted(w/ heated)
 Rr heated w/ timer
 Rr spoiler w/ hmsl - a type
 Pass's side - electric htd-conv
 Driver's side - electric htd-conv(wide)
 Color - body color
 Manual fold'g
 Mld'g-s/sill - black
 Garnish-side - black
 Rr deflector
 Fr deflector
 Whl arch mldg
 Cloth - cloth
 Head rest - up/down & sliding
 Manual - towel bar type
 Double reclin'g
 Adjuster - height adjuster
 Head rest - up/down & sliding
 Manual - towel bar
 Double reclin'g
 Seat back - seat back pocket
 Driver's side - elr
 Passenger's side - elr
 Retractor pretensioner - electrical type
 Seat belt reminder
 Pre tensioner - electrical type
 Seat belt reminder
 Load limiter
 S/belt anchor - adjustable
 S/belt anchor - adjustable
 Load limiter
 6:4 split back fold'g - back
 Head rest - lh - up/down
 Head rest - rh - up/down
 Head rest - ctr - up/down
 Holder - upr anchor
 Lwr anchor
 Side - elr
 Ctr - elr
 Retractor pretensioner (2nd seat belt)
 Load limiter
 S/belt reminder
 Leveling device - manual
 Position lamp type - integrated - headla
 Auto light control
 Rr - separated
 Lighting source - bulb
 Signal lamp - integrated - headlamp
 Lighting source - bulb
 Lighting source - bulb
 Rr t/sig type - integrated - rr combi
 Lighting source - bulb
 One touch triple turn signal
 Rr combi lamp - separated (inside & outs
 Lighting source - bulb
 Rr r/r type - separated
 B/up type - separated
 Lighting source - bulb
 Quantity - 1 back up
 License plate type - dual lamp
 Lighting source - bulb
 Hmsl type - rr spoiler
 Hmsl lighting source - bulb
 Room lamp - 1 bulb
 Map light source - bulb
 Luggage lamp type - bulb
 Location - 2 rows seat
 O/head console type - standard
 W/ sunglass case
 Delay out-1 rows seat
 Multifunction sw type - lhd
 Water temp.
 Type - digital
 Direction indicator
 Oil pressure
 Brake oil
 Park'g brake
 Dr ajar - dr ajar
 Battery charge
 High beam
 Low beam
 Low fuel
 Rr fog lamp
 Trunk lid(t/gate) open
 Check engine
 Seat belt
 Eng oil level
 E.s.c off
 Tpms (tire pressure monitorg sys) indica
 Speedometer type - kmph
 Temperature unit - c
 Tail light
 Auto light control system - 1 stage
 Body control module - bcm(etacs)
 B/alarm label - english language
 Tpms (tire pressure monitorg system) - l
 Audio display
 Frequency vibration - am9k/fm50k
 Volume knob type - europe type
 Audio display (radio+media) - 7 int lcd+
 Antenna roof type - antenna-micro pole r
 Speaker location fr dr - general
 Speaker location quadrant inr cover
 Speaker location rr dr low-general
 Distance to empty(d.t.e)
 Average fuel consumption(afc)
 Elapse time(e/t)
 Instant fuel consumption
 O/side temperature display
 Single horn - shell type
 Audio remo.
 Blue tooth remo
 Voice recognition system remo
 Trip remo
 Seat belt
 Key operated warn'g
 Acoustic warn'g
 Blower - 4 speed fan
 Function - air filter
 Cable type - rotary type
 Rr heating ducts - 2nd seat
 Fr cooler - manual a/con
 Double pipe ihx
 Refrigerator - alternative
 External control compressor - clutch w/
 Fr wiper - intermittent(variable)
 Blade type - aero
 Fr wiper-2 speed
 Rr wiper - intermittent(non variable)
 Engine package - high power eng
 Kickdown mechanism
 Battery capacity agm type - 60ah (20hr)
 Isg + ams 2
 L.d.c converter - 200w
 At knob - leather wrapped
 Al wheel 6.5j * 17 - b type
 205 tire - 205/55 r17
 3-spoke - leather
 P/brake push button trim - cr coat'g
 Tx-inkey type - tx 2ea
 Steer'g lock type - conventional
 P/window dr's - auto up/down & safety
 P/window pa's - none auto
 P/window rr dr - none auto
 P/window sw - illumination(all)
 Lever finish'g - satin crome
 Grain - black high glossy
 Ctr air vent
 Console upr cover
 Luggage board
 Bridge type
 Tail gate side garnish - black(glossy)
 General - bi-function
 Low beam - halogen bulb
 Drl - dedicated led type
 Lighting function - static bending light
 Drl type - integrated - headlamp
 Lighting source - led (indirection type)
 Fog lamp - projection
 Lighting source - bulb
 Cluster type - super vision+3.5" mono tf
 Cruise control
 Fr fog lamp
 Auto stop (isg)
 Speed limiter - display type
 Rpas w/sw
 Auto cruise control - conventional
 Speed limiter - a type
 Rear view camera system - dynamic guidel
 Acc remo.
 Speed limiter remo - lever type


May include:
  • Title problems
  • Accidents
  • Total loss
  • Flood damage
  • Odometer problems
  • Service records
  • Frame damage
  • Airbag deployment
  • Vehicle registration
  • Recalls
  • and more...

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  • What is VDS? VDS is a Vehicle Descriptor Section. VDS is used to specify a type of vehicle and may include information about the model, platform, engine and transmission.
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