Records for 2014 Nissan 350Z

JN1BZ34E8EM751764 Nissan 350Z 2014

VIN: JN1BZ34E8EM751764
WMI/VDS/VIS: JN1 BZ34E8 EM751764
Manufacturer: Nissan Infiniti Motor Japan   Nissan Infiniti Motor Japan
Brand: Nissan
Model: 350Z
Year: 2014
Serial: 51764
Mileage: Vehicle History Report

Problems and Issues For VIN Pattern

Issue ID Failed Component Miles
671348 28/11/07 POWER TRAIN CLUTCH ASSEMBLY 2500
1177814 13/04/15 POWER TRAIN 41250
1177815 13/04/15 ENGINE 41250

JN1BZ34E8EM751764 Nissan 350Z 2014 Vehicle History Report

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