Records for 2020 Kia Forte

3KPF24AD1LE218781 Kia Forte FE / LXS 2020

VIN: 3KPF24AD1LE218781
WMI/VDS/VIS: 3KP F24AD1 LE218781
Manufacturer: Kia Motors Mexico   Kia Motors Mexico
Brand: Kia
Model: Forte
Engine: 2.0L MPI Nu
Year: 2020
Serial: 18781
Trim: FE, LXS
Mileage: Vehicle History Report

Problems and Issues For VIN Pattern

Issue ID Failed Component Miles
1516808 12/11/18 AIR BAGS 1500
1516809 12/11/18 SEATS 1500
1516810 12/11/18 STRUCTURE BODY 1500

3KPF24AD1LE218781 Kia Forte FE / LXS 2020 Vehicle History Report

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