Records for 2019 Ford Fusion

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VIN: 3FA6P0LU8KR207779
WMI/VDS/VIS: 3FA 6P0LU8 KR207779
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co Mexico   Ford Motor Co Mexico
Brand: Ford
Model: Fusion
Year: 2019
Engine: 2L In-Line
Trim: SE Hybrid
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Recalls and Complaints

Campaign # Date Component

Problems and Issues For VIN Pattern

Issue ID Failed Component
961227 23/01/13 POWER TRAIN
961228 23/01/13 AIR BAGS
961229 23/01/13 ENGINE
985177 21/03/13 EXTERIOR LIGHTING
985178 21/03/13 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
1079765 23/06/14 ENGINE
1079766 23/06/14 SERVICE BRAKES
1079767 23/06/14 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
1107427 04/09/14 AIR BAGS
1107428 04/09/14 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Build Sheet

NameFusion (C7)
InteriorEnvironment000ZH0 - Ebony Interior
AirConditioningAC0G0 - Dual Zone Auto Temp Control A/C
BodyStyleBSFC0 - 4 Door Sedan
DriveDR0A0 - LHD 2WD (Front Wheel Drive)
FinalDriveRatiosEGAQN0 - 2.57
EngineTypeENUA0 - 2.0L Duratec Hybrid (130kW)
MarketDerivativeMD0F0 - Ford Division Derivative
ExteriorPaintPNYW30 - Oxford White Solid C/C
InteriorFabric3HJZH0 - Axis Omni Cloth/Ebony
TransmissionTREJ0 - ECVT Auto Trans Power Split
VehicleLineVLC72 - Fusion
VersionVSDE0 - Series 25
PositiveTerritoriesWANAB0 - (+)"USA"
FiltersProduction Date: 02/14/2019;Model Year: 2019;Exterior Color: YZ;Interior Color: T;Interior Type: D

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3FA6P0LU8KR207779 Ford Fusion SE 2019 Vehicle History Report

Ford Fusion 2019 VIN check

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