Records for 2020 Honda Civic

VIN: 2HGFC2F62LH501420
WMI/VDS/VIS: 2HG FC2F62 LH501420
Manufacturer: Honda Canada   Honda Canada
Brand: Honda
Model: Civic
Year: 2020
Serial: 01420
Engine: 2.0L In-Line K20C2
Trim: Sport
Mileage: Vehicle History Report

Problems and Issues For VIN Pattern

Issue ID Failed Component Miles
1700471 27/10/20 SERVICE BRAKES 33000
1626564 10/12/19 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 4000
1694844 28/09/20 AIR BAGS 3300

2HGFC2F62LH501420 Honda Accord 2020 Vehicle History Report

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