Records for 2017 Ford C-max

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VIN: 1FADP5FU5HL111924
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co USA   Ford Motor Co USA
Brand: Ford
Model: C-max
Year: 2017
Engine: 2L In-Line 2.0L ATK IVCT
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Build Sheet

NameC-Max (CG)
InteriorEnvironment000SV0 - Medium Light Stone Interior
AirConditioningAC0G0 - Dual Zone Auto Temp Control A/C
BodyStyleBSUA0 - 5 Door UAV
DriveDR0A0 - LHD 2WD (Front Wheel Drive)
FinalDriveRatiosEGAAN0 - 2.91 Final Drive Ratio
EngineTypeENUA0 - 2.0L Duratec Hybrid (130kW)
MarketDerivativeMD0F0 - Ford Division Derivative
ExteriorPaintPN4AG0 - Ingot Silver Metallic
InteriorFabric3DDSV0 - Salerno/Salerno / Medium Lt Stone
TransmissionTREJ0 - ECVT Auto Trans Power Split
VehicleLineVLCG0 - C-MAX 2013-
VersionVSFW0 - Titanium Econetic
PositiveTerritoriesWANAB0 - (+)"USA"
FiltersProduction Date: 06/20/2017;Model Year: 2017;Exterior Color: UX;Interior Color: L;Interior Type: D

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1FADP5FU5HL111924 Ford Taurus 2017 Vehicle History Report

Ford C-max 2017 VIN check

A Ford VIN check can provide valuable information about a vehicle's history, including previous ownership, accident history, and repairs. When buying a used Ford C-max 2017 car, a VIN lookup can be useful in obtaining a vehicle history report and identifying any potential issues. Additionally, it can help you determine if the manufacturer had issued any recalls for Ford C-max 2017 and whether they were addressed. Law enforcement agencies also rely on VIN checks to identify stolen vehicles. In any situation where you want to know more about a vehicle's history, a VIN check can be an essential tool.

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