2018 Subaru FORESTER Electronic Stability Control Problems, Complaints and Defects, Recalls and Failures

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2018 Subaru FORESTER Electronic Stability Control Problems, Complaints and Defects

 Issue ID1409160
 Internal NHTSA #11024931
 ManufacurerSubaru of America, Inc.
 Model Year2018
 File date25/08/17
Product type codeVEHICLE
 Description of the problemWhile driving at 60 miles an hour on a 4 lane highway, i was going around a slight curve when the lane assist came on. I was in the left lane and not near the left line in road, but centered in the middle of lane. I heard one beep and then the steering wheel became very loose in my hand and it took me a few seconds to gain control of the steering wheel. This also happened while going on a slightly curved city street going about 40 miles an hour. It scared the dickens out of me as it was not what i expected the lane assist to do. I went back to dealership and told them about the steering and they said i just needed to get used to how the electric steering worked. After it happened a couple more time i made appointment for someone to take a test drive. The technician felt a slight swaying but said it was the type of steering of the lane assist. He suggested i turn it off and not use it for a while and see how car then handled. The technician filed case # 26296330423, no problem found with vehicle, system is operating as designed, no repair attempt performed. (eqmr was also filled out and submitted.) i have not driven my forester with the assist on since this happened. I have not had this loose wheel steering happen again. I am convinced it is the lane assist and feel it is not working properly in my vehicle. I will probably never use it again. Lane departure is fine, does what it's supposed to do. I have no complaints with the dealership or their technician, they were very thorough and kind. This lane assist is just an aspect of this safety technology that i don not like how it works. Or is there something wrong with it in my car that this has not happened to others yet? I do understand how lane assist works, i did test drives having it on and it would bring me back to my lane if i went over the line without a blinker on.
 Vehicle Mileage at Failure100
Number of Occurences0
Source of the issueNHTSA WEB SITE
 City and StateHIGHTSTOWN, NJ
 Was vehicle invloved in a crash?N
 Was vehicle involved in a fire?N
 Was incedent reported to police?N
 Was medical attention required?N
 Was part original equipment?
No. of injured persons0
No. of fatalities0
 Date of purchase03/07/20
Was original owner?N
Anti-lock brakesN
Cruise controlN
Number of cylinders0
Drive train type
Transmission type
 Vehicle speed60
 DoT tire identifier
 Tire size
 Location of tire code
 Type of tire failure code
 Was defective tire repaired?
 Date of manufacture
Type of child seat code
Type of restraint
 Dealer's name
 Dealer's telephone number
 Dealer's city
 Dealer's state code
 Dealer's ZIP code
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