2006 Saab 9-7X Electrical System Problems, Complaints and Defects, Recalls and Failures

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2006 Saab 9-7X Electrical System Problems, Complaints and Defects

 Issue ID1248493
 Internal NHTSA #10816298
 ManufacurerGeneral Motors LLC
 Model Year2006
 File date11/02/09
Product type codeVEHICLE
 Description of the problemHid headlights flicker and then turn off. No rhyme or reason; cold weather and hot weather. Headlights will eventually flicker and turn off. I can manually flip the headlights switch off and then on again and they will come back on. Once they come back on, they can stay on for another few seconds or minutes, but they will eventually flicker and turn off again. Most times it's just one headlight at a time because i don't give it enough time before turning it back on before the second one goes out. Both have gone out before at the same time. In my 12 mile route to work in the morning, i may have to turn my headlights on again about 25 times at its worst. Sometimes they will stay on and sometimes it won't even flicker at all. No rhyme or reason. It's dangerous for the obvious reason but also people think you are flashing your lights at them. Can cause road rage in people¿so what's worse? Driving dangerously with no headlights or someone getting angry b/c you keep flashing your headlights at them? Dangerous no matter how you look at it. Also police may think you are trying to warn people about them by flashing my headlights! As far as i can tell right now, it's just the low beam hids, not the high beams and not the yellow daytime running lights. Voltage has been tested and they say it's fine at 14 volts for both headlights even though they were flickering/turned off while being tested. Shop wants me to replace hid headlights altogether which is over $300 not including labor. Has been happening intermittently since i bought the car used in 2009. Is getting worse as mileage goes up it seems. 87,000 miles as of 12/23/2015. Purchased the car in feb. 2009 with 20,000 miles. Lights will flicker in idle or while driving at any speed. Also loud buzzing from back speakers at times and stabilitrak light comes on and then will go off randomly.
 Vehicle Mileage at Failure20000
Number of Occurences0
Source of the issueNHTSA WEB SITE
 City and StateCOLUMBIA, SC
VIN pattern 5S3ET13M062XXXXXX
 Was vehicle invloved in a crash?N
 Was vehicle involved in a fire?N
 Was incedent reported to police?N
 Was medical attention required?N
 Was part original equipment?
No. of injured persons0
No. of fatalities0
 Date of purchase01/06/20
Was original owner?N
Anti-lock brakesN
Cruise controlN
Number of cylinders0
Drive train type
Transmission type
 Vehicle speed0
 DoT tire identifier
 Tire size
 Location of tire code
 Type of tire failure code
 Was defective tire repaired?
 Date of manufacture
Type of child seat code
Type of restraint
 Dealer's name
 Dealer's telephone number
 Dealer's city
 Dealer's state code
 Dealer's ZIP code
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