1994 Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Disc Rotor Problems, Complaints and Defects, Recalls and Failures

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1994 Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Disc Rotor Problems, Complaints and Defects

 Issue ID206428
 Internal NHTSA #719277
 Model Year1994
 File date20/01/21
Product type codeVEHICLE
 Description of the problemThis is more a potential safety problem with the brake rotor recall being incomplete. After contacting the dealer, and chrysler it seems that within the recall wording there is a potential for the same problem that already exist to be caused by improper practices. Whenever a brake rotor is either replaced or resurfaced the brake pads should be replaced. This is done to insure that you don't get foreign debris in the brake contact area. The recall leaves an open in, dealers having an option not to replace the pads. When in fact mechanics are taught to do the replacement anytime rotors are resurfaced or replaced. When chrysler was contacted they put the ball in the dealers court when issues concerning pad replacement arise then the dealer in turn does the same. Consumers are forced to buy the pads which should be part of this recall to begin with. They also get hit with a labor charge that is not right because the work is to be done whenever the calipers are taken off the vehicle for anyreason. Jeeps own service manual states specific procedures on the servicing of the brake components. They also tell how the brakes work . Just in the description itself on how the pads and rotors work is explanation enough on why you wouldn't use used pads with new/resurfaced rotors and vice-versa. People are put at risk becouse if they make the wrong choice at the dealership on deciding to replace the pads or not they are then the ones at risk of facing the same type of problem that jeep is supposidly trying to render. I have copies of complaints, letters, pages from the service manual, reciepts and other agencies i have contacted. So far it seems that noone is interested in trying to prevent a potential problem due to the seemed oversight or negligence of chrysler. They are possibly trying to defray some of the cost by ignoring what every mechanic, college, and other manufacturers dealers all agree that this is improper. *ak
 Vehicle Mileage at Failure0
Number of Occurences0
Source of the issueNHTSA WEB SITE
 City and StatePITTSFIELD, NH
 Was vehicle invloved in a crash?
 Was vehicle involved in a fire?N
 Was incedent reported to police?N
 Was medical attention required?
 Was part original equipment?
No. of injured persons0
No. of fatalities0
 Date of purchase01/07/96
Was original owner?N
Anti-lock brakesY
Cruise controlY
Number of cylinders0
Drive train type4WD
Transmission type
 Vehicle speed0
 DoT tire identifier
 Tire size
 Location of tire code
 Type of tire failure code
 Was defective tire repaired?
 Date of manufacture
Type of child seat code
Type of restraint
 Dealer's name
 Dealer's telephone number
 Dealer's city
 Dealer's state code
 Dealer's ZIP code
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