1983 Chevrolet EL CAMINO Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Componen Recall

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1983 Chevrolet EL CAMINO Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Componen Recall

 NHTSA Recall #31309
NHTSA Compaign #83V106000
MFG Compaign #
 Model Year1983
 Date of notification25/10/83
 Begin date of manufacuring01/08/82
 End date of manufacturing01/06/83
Type of recallV
Recall initiatorMFR
 Report received13/10/83
 Report created21/10/83
Regulation part number
FMV safety standard number
Estimated number of affected units4667
 Defect summaryThe master cylinder rear brake pipe, which carries brake fluid to the rear brakes, may develop a leak due to extended chafing on the air cleaner resonator bracket.
 Consequence summary
 Corrective actionIf upon inspection the dealer finds that there is inadequate clearance, the pipe will be reformed to obtain the necessary three quarter inch space. Only those pipes showing signs of wear will be replaced.
 Recall notesVehicle description: passenger vehicles and light trucks equipped with 5. 7liter diesel engines. System: service brakes; master cylinder, rear brake pipe. Consequences of defect: brake fluid leakage will result in loss of brakingaction at the rear wheels. Loss of vehicle control and an accident couldresult, particularly in situations where minimum stopping distance is required.

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