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2014 Chevrolet CAMARO Unknown Or Other Problems, Complaints and Defects

 Issue ID1212654
 Internal NHTSA #10758569
 ManufacurerGeneral Motors LLC
 Model Year2014
 File date22/08/15
Product type codeVEHICLE
 Description of the problemDriving around exit 110 heading east on i-94, me and my wife were nearly run down by a crosset truck driver by the front of his truck. Based on the fact that the trailer was still in the right lane and the front of the truck rapidly swerned into the left lane, i would consider the idea that he dozed off. My wife swerved over and nearly hit the rails on the side of the highway to avoid a tragedy. And once we calmed down, we slowed way back and pulled over to let the trucker catch up to us. When he did i took pictures from my passenger seat so that we could identify the truck. When we reached the front of the vehicle at the drivers door with all of the necessary numbers, the driver stopped looking at the road and turned to take a picture of us. I am unsure why, but that is clearly illegal to use your phone or to fall asleep behind the wheel. I called the company and was told he is a professional so there was no reason to pull him off the road. Usdot # 551244, but i have pictures of the truck number and all additional identification numbers.
 Vehicle Mileage at Failure
Number of Occurences
Source of the issueNHTSA WEB SITE
 City and StateKALAMAZOO, MI
VIN pattern XXXXXX
 Was vehicle invloved in a crash?N
 Was vehicle involved in a fire?N
 Was incedent reported to police?N
 Was medical attention required?N
 Was part original equipment?
No. of injured persons0
No. of fatalities0
 Date of purchase01/07/22
Was original owner?N
Anti-lock brakesN
Cruise controlN
Number of cylinders
Drive train type
Transmission type
 Vehicle speed70
 DoT tire identifier
 Tire size
 Location of tire code
 Type of tire failure code
 Was defective tire repaired?
 Date of manufacture
Type of child seat code
Type of restraint
 Dealer's name
 Dealer's telephone number
 Dealer's city
 Dealer's state code
 Dealer's ZIP code
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  • What is Failure?

    Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. Product failure ranges from failure to sell the product to fracture of the product, in the worst cases leading to personal injury, the province of forensic engineering.
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    Non-conformance of a car component with the specified requirements, or non-fulfillment of user expectations, including the safety aspects.



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