1991 BMW 318 Vehicle Speed Control Recall

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1991 BMW 318 Vehicle Speed Control Recall

 NHTSA Recall #21050
NHTSA Compaign #91V219000
MFG Compaign #
 Model Year1991
 Date of notification07/02/92
 Begin date of manufacuring01/06/90
 End date of manufacturing01/11/91
Type of recallV
Recall initiatorMFR
 Report received17/12/91
 Report created20/12/91
Regulation part number
FMV safety standard number
Estimated number of affected units15200
 Defect summaryThe crankcase ventilation system, vented into the intake tract of the engine at the bellows boot ahead of the throttle housing, allows warm water vapor from the crankcase vent to condense and freeze in the colder bellows boot when the ambient air temperature is 15 degrees fahrenheit or less. The build up of ice can dislodge and move into the throttle housing, preventing the throttle plate from fully closing when the driver releases the gas pedal.
 Consequence summaryIf the throttle plate is prevented from closing, thereis an increase in idle speed as well as slower than normal deceleration, whichoccurs without prior warning and could result in an accident.
 Corrective actionReplace the throttle housing with a version containing a modified heating system along with rerouting of the cvs hose. This will prevent ice build-up in the intake tract.
 Recall notesSystem: throttle linkages and control. Vehicle description: passenger vehicles.

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